“Die, you human bastard die,” shouted the Grimm as she rained down one blow after another at me from its dual scimitars.

In front of me is Black Horned Crockman, against whom I have been fighting for nearly an hour, and the bastard is a tough opponent. A true High-Grandmaster with core, its strength is not something a common peak High-Grandmasters could compare to.

Thankfully, its core is not something at the quality of Skal the Foxman.

If it had, then I would already have summoned my shields because once a host with that quality of core levels up, the power they will get would be very close to the Grand Lord.

We have intelligence that some members of Grimms have even better-quality cores than it, and on leveling, they might get the power of Grand Lord, but it is extremely hard and very risky when pushing for that power; there is resistance from all factors.

That resistance held power to crush the cores, which is why most people would give some leeway to the resistance and take the lesser power instead of pushing for the highest.

I am going to push for the highest power, and the resistance I will feel would be nothing like anyone had felt as I would be a High-Grandmaster asking for the power of Grand Lord, but Grandmaster asking for the power of Grand Lord.

A heresy.


Its two scimitars are like a black storm, coming at me from every direction and angel to pass through my immediate range and hack me into pieces.

The bastard might just do that given a single chance, which I am not planning to give.

“Can you just defend? Don’t you know how to attack?” it asked as it pressed on me. “Like you are one to talk, you had not even landed a single attack while I had already given you a slash,” I mocked and could see its eyes flared up in irritation and anger.

“A scratch, and I had let you do that to see your power,” it said as it pushed on me, “Keep telling yourself that,” I said, as I defended with every bit of power I had.

I had landed the attack on it, and it was a surprise to me as much as it. The opportunity had presented suddenly, and I took it; it is quite regretful that it reacted quickly, and I had to retreat my sword, with it only scratching across its scales.

I am not worried; I know I will get a chance soon; I just need to be quick, as there is only half an hour before the end of this challenge.


Ten more minutes passed as our weapons kept clashing without stopping for even a second; I could feel the urgency in its moves as the end of the challenge drew near.

I did not let the limited time get into my head because I knew if I did not make a change in strategy, I would be able to take the bastard in time.

So, I continued to move with my plan, and with every move, I got closer and closer to achieving it, while the bastard got increasingly frustrated; when the clock began to tick on the last ten minutes, its moves became far more aggressive and riskier.


It shouted thousands of times as it activated another method, but I defended the same; no method, it is working on me.

Though I am feeling quite a pain in my hands, these attacks of it contain immense physical power, and if I hadn’t been continuously circulating the healing energy into my hands; their state would have been so bad that I wouldn’t be able to use them to lift the weapons, much less fight using it.


‘I think it’s time,’ I said after two minutes.

Though I did not bring any change into my fighting, I continued defending as I had been doing for more than half an hour.


Another minute had passed when I had defended its attacks as I usually do, but this time, there was a sudden change.


Instead of taking my weapons back, I moved forward, dodging the second scimitar as I slid my sword toward the blade of the first scimitar, and within a moment, I appeared directly in front of the Grimm, who was looking at me with shock.

For it was too much; one moment, it was pressing down on me, and next, I slid my sword across its scimitar while dodging the second by hair breath before appearing in front of me.

I did not waste even a second; my long sword moved from the scimitar and directly toward the Crockman, who had already activated a couple of very powerful defensive methods on top of its inheritance armor, which already had a very good defense.

Not to mention, its weapons are only a few meters away from me and could come to hack me into pieces before the second is even over.

The defenses are powerful, but I have prepared for them; my sword is coated with energy that I had taken from it and mixed with something mine, and now, to the shock of Grimm, it is piercing through these defenses like they are paper, without the slightest bit of resistance.


My sword broke through all its defensive methods and armor before piercing inside the skin; unfortunately, I could only pierce half of my sword inside it before I had to draw it back and disappear from my spot; managing to dodge the scimitar coming at me by half an inch.

“You Bastard!” It shouted loudly and came at me with all fury in the world.

“Hehe!” I laughed in response and moved to defend against its attacks; the bastard was dead. While others need to hack these bastards to pieces to kill them, I only need a single attack.

It feels good that I could use my years of research in the battle to finish off the enemies as strong as it is.


For twenty seconds, everything went well; it continued attacking me while cursing; even the injury I had given it nearly healed when the sudden change had occurred.


It stumbled; one moment, it was completely fine, and the next moment, it had stumbled with deep shock in its eyes.

“How?” It asked, and I could feel it trying to move its sluggish soul energy inside its body which was getting slower by the second till it could not be moved anymore, just like the inheritance energy.

“A clever poison,” I said and appeared in front of it and tapped on its head; a moment later, it had disappeared, and I appeared beside its birdcage.

There were less than five minutes before the end of the challenge; seeing that, I wasted no time and appeared beside its birdcage and began to transfer the birds inside the cage into mine.

I was fast, but it still took me a little more than two minutes to transfer all the birds into my birdcage, which now had more than a hundred birds inside.