“Santania Inheritance,” I read the text before looking at seven humanoid-shaped runic blueprints. Each one was bigger than the other; the first was the smallest humanoid and belonged to Lord class; it only had ten thousand runes.

It took me a few minutes to study it with the help of my clone, and also the concept inside was quite simple. Still, compared to my runic inheritance diagram, it is at least ten times power; the power it could project and the efficiency it has is much greater than mine.

I moved my gaze to the second runic inheritance blueprint; it belongs to the duke stage and is still much better than what I had designed, but the disparity between the two had lessened.

Around ten minutes later, I moved my gaze to the third blueprint, which of kind, where the disparity had shorted further.

I studied it for nearly an hour before moving to Emperor, which I looked at before closing my eyes and studying inside my core to save time.

In the Emperor stage, I shortened the disparity even further; I remember how hungrily I began to search for knowledge; I would search ruins for the books, and marina and others too would help me, getting me the knowledge I needed to create my inheritance.

Soon, I finished studying it and moved to the tyrant stage inheritance blueprint. I copied before sitting down and closing my eyes.

Studying it is going to take time.

All the Inheritances come from outside, including the celestial inheritance change according to the world. In our world, there is a limit at the Tyrant stage, or to be more precise primary level 3.

This is the last stage and, thus, the most powerful, and one could not harness all its powers directly. So, it is split into classes, which are different from the sub-level of stages; they are more efficient in harnessing the power of the last stage.

In front of me is an inheritance diagram of the Tyrant stage, which is not split by classes; the one capable of harnessing all the power of the Tyrant stage.

It is an extremely complex inheritance diagram, and hours before, I could decipher it, and when I did, my eyes couldn’t help but widen in wonder.

It is amazing, and whoever designed it is really a genius; the power one could harness, and the efficiency one is shocked. I have seen many Tyrant stage inheritances, and this inheritance already took a very high place among all those I have seen.

I could see how lacking my own inheritance is, and if I had given up on urges, I would have never been able to forgive myself.

I had already decided I wanted to harness the power equal to this Inheritance, and I wanted to do that, not in the Grand Lord class and High-Grandmaster class, but in the Grandmaster class; it might seem like a dream that would not be achieved, but I believe as long as I try it with my all, I will be able to do it.

As I studied it, I opened my eyes and got up, and touched the other runic humanoid blueprint not far, and it had also revealed itself.

This time, I did not study it and, instead, just recorded it before moving to the other humanoid and copying it. There is a total of two hundred and six, and I copied them all in a matter of minutes before stopping in front of a huge runic door.

This door had a complex runic formation, and solving it will not only give me access to the second floor but also unlock the primary level 2 part of the inheritance, but currently, solving it is near impossible.

It is a cipher-type formation, and a hint to solving it is present in the blueprint of all the inheritance; even my core understanding of over two hundred inheritance blueprints is a huge work.

Thankfully, loads of books, scrolls, and crystals that are present here have the knowledge that will help me understand inheritance blueprints quickly.

I copied the diagram of the door before I began to read the books and scrolls; as I did, I received a surprise. The books do not explain the inheritances as I had expected them to; instead, they seem to explain the concepts.

From the easiest few seconds to the most difficult ones, that frustrated me so much that I had to bang my head against the wall.

The crystals are the things I love the most because they contain the visuals of hosts of inheritances that are present here. Now, I don’t have to visualize how the inheritance works on the blueprint, but I also could see it directly.

Though I could see the little trap and I refrained myself from watching the crystals and visualizing from the diagram.

Visualization is extremely important, it is what generates new ideas, and I don’t want to lose it. If I feel like I am losing the edge due to crystals, I will stop watching them altogether.

Though, I hope it did not come to that.

Hours passed as I scanned one book after another before putting them back on the shelf; I did the same with the scrolls. I am recording it, and while there are restrictions, and such methods, my core seemed to bend that rule.

It is quite regretful that I could not take these scrolls and books inside; it would have made things a lot easier.

As I do this, I wonder what advantage my predecessor had; if I were to guess from the numerous notes she had left behind, then she also seemed to have a core that created the world to a certain degree because, like me, she had also used a piece of the world to create her core.

Though using the piece of the world does not guarantee having a mini world in the core, the chances of it are less than 1%, but I still feel she had created it with the hints she had left behind.

It took me twenty-four hours to record all books and scrolls; I am a little tired, but there is a smile on my face.

I did not immediately begin studying; no, I sat down and cooked in my core; I had not eaten in a day, and I was feeling quite hungry.

I soon cooked an elaborate meal for myself which I ate in the dining room of my spatial abode before I went to my room to sleep.

I slept for three hours before being woken up by my clone.

I entered the shower and came out fifteen minutes later before walking out of the room in comfortable clothes.

Now that I am completely refreshed without a hint of tiredness, I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes, and immediately appeared in my core and sat across the table from my clone.

Around are runic humanoid blueprints and thousands of scrolls and books. I will be studying them in my core with my clone, and I hope to finish the studying in two weeks or less, preferably, as this is not the only floor; there are two more floors.

Reaching them would be a challenge, without a doubt.