Three days passed since I had begun studying; nine days if I count the time in my core. Aside from the rest of the three hours a day, I had spent all my time in my core, studying.

In these nine days, I have read hundreds of books and scrolls and tens of blueprints.

I am feeling like I was in a dream; everything I needed about my inheritance seemed to be here. The only place which had given me such a feeling is the Hermes library.

The knowledge I have thirsted for so long is here, and I am drinking it all as fast as possible. I have got here so much that I won’t be disappointed, even if I weren’t able to go to the second floor. Though, I will try my all to get there.

There are so many books and scrolls, and they contain amazing knowledge; not all of it is unique; I have read about many things written in them through various sources over the years, but more than half of them is still unique.

My predecessor had mentioned in her notes that the first floor is only basic; the real knowledge is found on the second floor and the third floor above.

The knowledge here had already flooded me; I couldn’t imagine what I would get on the second floor or the third floor. Though one thing is clear; I want to solve the cipher formation on the door, not for the knowledge, but to see the level of inheritance that is above a Tyrant class.

I have never seen it before or never seen a whole part of it; I have come across a broken piece or two, but never a complete one, even in the Hermes library, that knowledge was restricted.

It is not surprising considering that knowledge will bring pressure on the world because it is a thing that breaks the limit.

Thankfully, this place is completely isolated; I will not only be able to see the inheritance blueprint of primary level 2 but also primary level 3. She had left many words about them, and I hope, I hope, at least, I will get a glimpse of them.

A glimpse would be more than enough, given my abilities.

Another week passed, and a remarkable change occurred in my studying speed; as I read further and further, I found out I had started to understand things at a much faster pace; it is not just things in books and scrolls, but also runic inheritance blueprints.

As I studied these huge number of blueprints, I have realized a few tricks to studying them, which increased my speed of understanding and reduced the time I needed to do by more than four times.

“Soon,” I said as I looked at the copy of the door; unlike ten days ago, I have now understood many things. It could be said that I am extremely close to solving the cipher. I had nearly finished solving it; the huge scroll to my left is proof of that.

My progress is shocking and wouldn’t have been possible without a clone, which is much better at studying and analyzing that me.

Though I have noticed some flaws in it; I think those flaws in it are intentional by the creator of the method. The clone shouldn’t do everything, or it will make the host useless, and there is a huge chance that it will take over the soul.

Thankfully, something like it wouldn’t happen; the creator had made sure in more than one way.

“I did it!”

Another one and a half days later, a shout rang out of me as I looked at the scroll. I had finally done it; I had solved the cipher. It had taken me eleven and a half days, or around thirty-five days in core time, where I had worked.

If I did not have the clone and core, then I could forget solving the cipher in eleven and half days; even a month wouldn’t have been enough.

I did not waste any time and opened my eyes and immediately walked out of the abode and appeared in front of the cipher door.

I studied it for any changes but did not find any.

Seeing that, I did not waste any time and began to move the metallic runes on the door and stopped two and a half minutes later.


For a moment, nothing had happened before; finally, the runes buzzed and lighted up the whole metallic door.


Within a few seconds, I heard the clicking sound I had been waiting for as the huge door opened. I looked at the open door but did not walk inside and instead turned back toward the first floor before appearing beside the closest inheritance blueprint.

I touched it, and immediately, seven inheritance blueprints appeared in front of me with the name ‘gyperian inheritance.’

I barely looked at anything as all my focus was on the sixth humanoid inheritance blueprint, which had become clear; I could see every rune of it, and there were millions of them, each rune being small as dust, but I could see it all clearly.

I recorded it all and closed my eyes, and a moment later, I appeared in my core, and in front of me was a humanoid inheritance blueprint of primary level 2.

“Magnificent,” I whispered in awe; it is awe worthy, I had just started studying it, but I could tell how amazing it was.

I had imagined many things about it, but as I studied it, I found out that everything I had imagined had paled in front of the thing standing in front of me. It is a work of art; beyond anything, I have ever seen before.

In just a few minutes, it lit up the sun inside me; made me realize how small my thinking was. Immediately hundreds of ideas floated down on me; the things that had stopped me from leveling up became clearer than now; I knew it was just a matter of time before I fixed it all.

It seemed like I had only needed a perspective, and this thing had given me that.

“Fuck!” I cursed loudly as I came to myself nearly three hours later; in these past three hours, I have been studying it like crazy, so much that I have lost a sense of time.

I looked at it longingly for a moment before I opened my eyes; it was not a time to study it.

I took a deep breath to calm my emotions before I appeared beside the closes runic humanoid blueprint and touched it, immediately copying the sixth runic humanoid blueprint of primary level 2; after I finished with it, I moved toward another.

I appeared one runic humanoid blueprint after another and copied them, and within a few minutes, over two hundred primary level 2 blueprints had been copied.

It is going to take a lot of time to study them, months, even years, easily, and I really wish I could have a chance to do that in complete peacefulness without a war that could wipe out our whole species; at least I have a clone.

I shook my head of those thoughts and looked at the open door ahead of me; there was a second-floor waiting, a place that would give me a better chance to attain the strength to win this war.