"Leave; if you don't want to die," she warned.

She didn't seem worried about me; her soul sense was mostly focused on the Sky Sovereigns above.

"I like the confidence!" I said and grinned, while the anger in her bubbled.

"It is your funeral," she said, and a beautiful blue spear appeared in her hands. It seemed like it was carved out of the water and now it was coming at me, with such power, that made my eyes twinkle.

She thrust that spear toward me and made me surprised, seeing how her attack pulled the water's elemental energies toward it.

It is not just due to its power, but also because of formations are aligned with her.

Burst 50%.

The power burst out of me, and I swung my rapier with it, feeling excited.

The woman didn't disappoint me at all. She is powerful and defeating her would be a challenge, but I will do it.

I whipped my rapier toward the spear thrust coming toward me.


The rapier clashed against the tip of the spear, stopping it in its track. A surprise flashed into her eyes, but didn't let it stop the attack.

She moved the spear from my clashed and once it brought toward me and this time; it moved like a snake, extremely fast, with a beguiling movement.


I stopped it again, and she attacked without stopping. I didn't stop either and moved my rapier to stop her attack.

She is attacking continuedly, without stopping for a fraction of a second. I could see how her eyes were moving and how she was studying me for weakness.

She is very good; every spot she is trying to attack is my weakness. If she hit me there, she would be able to injure me seriously and if she was lucky, might be able to kill me.

I will not let that happen.

Within a second, we had exchanged hundreds of moves, but not a single one was able to hit me. If it had been a Grimm or a normal native; they would have become frustrated, but not this woman.

The woman's eyes barely held any emotion; even the anger had disappeared and now, her eyes were still as the water.

I didn't dare to underestimate her for even a second; it felt like it might cost me dearly if I did that.


I had just thought that, when suddenly something happened, that made my eyes widen.

Just when our weapons were about to clash; the power of her increased by many folds. She had used her full power, but the surprising thing is, there was barely any aura blasted off her.

Burst 100%.

I hadn't expected she would do something like this, but I had been ready for it and activated the burst to full power.

The strength filled me, and I moved my sword toward the spear, which had passed by my rapier and was moving toward me.

To the surprise of the woman, it had appeared in front of the tip of her thrusting spear. She tried to move it faster to avoid the clash, but she was already using nearly all her power and wasn't able to increase the speed of her attack much.


The attacks clashed and both of us shook before taking a step back.

"It is good, but it won't be enough if you want to get past me," I said, but she didn't say anything and attacked.

Thousands of water lances forward around us before coming at me.

I didn't even glance at the lances and focused on the attack in front of me, while the lances clashed against the hundreds of shields that appeared in front of them.

The lance attacks were strong, and they were able to break past my shields, but with faster less momentum. So, when they clashed against me; I didn't feel more than a prick from them.

The shields were powerful, but they couldn't be compared to my armor. Even if the lances had crashed against me with their full power, they wouldn't have done much other than make me take a step back.


The lances kept coming and in one of those lances; she had hidden a spear attack, while the one coming toward me was the fake one.

It is an exceptional attack; not because of its power, but because of the way she hid her attack in it.

She had used the power of the formation, and the environment, and melded it in her move. If had had not been a spear of soul sense covering me; I wouldn't have been able to discover this sneaky attack of her.

I moved my sword toward her real spear, and her eyes widened. Understanding, I had seen through her attack.


I clashed against the water lance, and it blasted apart, like the water that had been around us, leaving only her spear.

"Surrender; there is no escape here," I said and for the first time, she showed emotion with a grin.

"You might be strong, but not strong enough to stop me," she replied. To that, I smiled. "I might not be, but I am sure there are many Sky Sovereigns, above who are more than capable of doing the job," I replied.

I will not need their help; I will defeat this woman on my own.

"They will not get the chance," she replied with a grin and a moment later, a black crystal with a strong spatial power appeared in her hand.

The moment she took out, it blazed wildly with unstable spatial energies.

"Fuck!" I cursed, and I retreated with everything I have.

At the same time, I unfurled the string and took them back. I didn't want anything between me and that thing she was holding; it was a sure way to die.

I crossed hundreds of meters in the instant and nearly got out of the water when suddenly the crystal exploded and sent a wave of black-silver spatial energy released from it.

The wave was so fast that it had reached me in an instant and struck.

Immediately, everything turned dark for me.