'Am I dead?' I asked myself as everything turned dark in front of me.

That black wave was no simple thing; it was from craenes crystal. The crystal formed from the unstable spatial energies.

I had sensed some runes on it, but that is another suicidal thing to do.

It is a volatile material that few choose to work with, seeing it could explode, with just a faint bit of energy or even a touch.

Someone was daring enough to put damn runes on it.

I was not able to see much, since the spatial wave was fast for me. I reached me in an instant, but I could still tell that it contained enough energy to wipe out a Sky Sovereign.

That someone like me held no chance to survive.


I was asking the question of death when suddenly I crashed really hard against, something very touchy.

I crashed so hard against it, that I felt like, I had broken my bones.

It was painful, but I didn't mind the pain at all. Instead, I welcomed it. It told me, that I had somehow survived the spatial wave that should have killed even a Sky Sovereign.

It took me a moment to orient myself and I opened my eyes and found myself in a strange place.

I am on stony ground, and everywhere I see a stony tills and faint grey mist. It is like; I am in a wasteland.

Though, at a distance, I could see some color, but it was too far away; that even when I activated my abilities, I wasn't able to see much.

It is not the ability that is weak, but interference is too great; the grey mist is blocking everything.


I turned to the grey mist, which seemed to be everywhere. It is powerful. So much that it c.

I stopped mid-thought when suddenly something appeared not far away from me and crashed onto the stone hill.

I looked for a moment and moved toward it. Within seconds, I reached it, but what I saw couldn't help, but turn my expression bad.

The man is dead, and the flesh on his body is rapidly disintegrating, under the assault of the grey energy. In a moment, the grey energy had eaten all the flesh and started to make a bone disappear.

Seeing that happened, I quickly pulled the body into my storage.

I recognize him, or rather his aura; he was one of the Sovereigns on the island. Not close to where I was fighting. I might be fighting, but I had soul sense covering the island and knew everyone was, till the black wave hit me.

The man was peak Sovereign, but he didn't even last five seconds here.

The grey energy started to tear him apart the moment he appeared in whatever the hell this place was. The energy is extremely powerful, that not even regular Earth-Sovereign would be able to bear it.

I took out the badge from my chest and opened the interface.

The badge had many functions, like homing on the island and recording the spatial path.

If I am lucky, I might be able to find where I had ended up and even be able to send the rescue signal to the organization.

"Fuck!" I cursed a few seconds later.

I couldn't find the homing signal, and the spatial wave released from the crystal was powerful enough that it was able to overwhelm the sensors in the badge.

My core had been able to record more than this badge.

"Where the fuck I am?" I asked myself as I looked around.

I shouldn't curse, I should be grateful instead. That, the spatial wave didn't grind me into the fine powder and instead sent me somewhere and it didn't send me alone; it had at least sent another person.

Though it is a death sentence for him; for a second or two, he must have felt the greatest pain of his life.

I hope he was a cultist. If not, then may his soul rest in peace.

'I have to find out where I am,' I said. I don't know where the spatial wave had sent me, but looking at space, it is a real world.

It may be a realm, ruin, or something else; the space here is only strong enough to support the Sky Sovereigns.

Though I could see fluctuation in it. So, the strength of spatial fabric might be relative to this area and other places might have strong spatial fabric.

Nothing could be said without enough data.

After a few seconds of thinking, I decided to go toward the place with the colors; it seemed to better choice, that direction with the endless wasteland.

Since I decided I didn't waste any time, and activated my stealth method and moved toward the colors.

I need to collect as much data as possible and do it in a few hours. Looking at the sun, it is afternoon; I didn't have more than five hours before it become dark, and I don't know what will happen.

Despite the hurry, I didn't move fast. I moved with an enough speed that it wouldn't affect my stealth method.

The power of it is already suppressed here, like the power of my soul sense. Still, I am sending the waves of soul sense, and they are coming back with data.

A few minutes passed, and I crossed a few miles, but colors seemed to be on the same spot. They are not, but they are further than I had thought.

I don't think I will be able to reach there in time.

It didn't matter; I had to cross as much distance as possible. Staying in the wasteland even with a stealth method is a great risk.

Anyone with sufficient power will be able to see me, and I don't like that at all.


More than an hour passed, and since I started my journey, suddenly my soul sense had caught something.

It is not something I had sensed before.