Trrrr Trrr Trrrrr

It screamed out louder than before, and I felt like, I could blank out, before attacking me, with fury.

It is furious.

Its fury was like a churning of ten thousand blades. That would tear anyone apart.

I moved, careful not only of its bladed limbs but also of watery drops that were sticking into the blades.

Those harmless, colorless drops were the most dangerous part of it.

They contain thousands of eggs in them; once they enter the body, they will gestate rapidly in the body, and within minutes, thousands of critters come out, eating, not body, but also the soul.

It is important that not a single drop should touch the body. Once it entered inside; it is nearly impossible to get it out.

I didn't plan to let that happen; I have no wish to die horribly.


The blades clashed again, and I moved to dodge another attack while defending against one of its long-bladed limbs.

I dodged and defended, studying its every movement.

I want to learn everything I can from it. I need to be prepared. If my worst fear was realized, then there wouldn't be just a single one of these.

I really hope this place isn't the place I am thinking it to be. If it is, then the danger, I am facing is immense. So much so that I wouldn't be able to get out here, with the strength I have.

Hell, even if I had made another breakthrough, it wouldn't be enough.

Currently, my clones are reading about it, filling my brain with knowledge every second.

It had made me shudder that I wanted to seal my brain from the clones and nearly did, before stopping myself. It is not time to seal myself from the information; it is the greatest weapon, I had to deal against these things.

Who knows, they might have something, that I didn't know and end up regretting it afterward.

Seconds passed and turned into the minutes; ruby balls are doing a great job. Unless someone is passing really close; they wouldn't be able to sense or see what was happening.

They might even be able to fool the Sky Sovereigns if they are far enough.

Though I only glance at their work, most of my focus is occupied by the enemy in front of me and the faint invisible energy covering its limbs.

It wouldn't be right to say it doesn't use the energy when it actually does. It just didn't use the way most of us do.

The main purpose of the energy seems to be tearing the magical defenses. So, the blades could burrow inside the bodies and then could release those drops, filled with thousands of eggs.

I had also noticed how strangely it moved; it is a kind of disorienting.

I have fought against many multi-legged monsters, not a single one moved as strangely as this one. Even those with soul attacks didn't feel this strange, and it is doing that with just a physical movement.

There is no energy in the works.

Minutes passed, and we kept fighting; it was using everything it had but still wasn't able to do anything against me.

"Let's see, how, you could do against the attacks," I said to it and my whole fighting style had changed.


I had become stronger, and faster and began to attack it with such a speed that it needed to use all its limbs to defend against me.


My rapier moved through its limbs and slashed it, giving it a cut, where the head joined its body.

There is no blood. It is like, I had torn open the leather instead of the skin. The books had clearly stated it. It still couldn't help, but surprise me.

Trrrr Trrr Trrrr

It screamed with vengeance blazing out of its eyes, but I just smiled and gave it another cut and then another, and not a single blood came out.

Even Grimms bleed, but not these things.

They have biology so different that nothing can be compared in this world.

A few more minutes passed and there wasn't a place on its body where I didn't cut. I am not just doing that, wouldn't I, but also to test the defense of different parts of its body, and what I found didn't make me feel good.

Its defenses are quite strong.


I moved for another attack, and this time; it didn't move its limbs at all, instead it moved its razor legs fast to get away from me.

"Sorry, I can't let you leave," I said to it and immediately, it froze.

It looked at me with all chaotic emotions as it struggled, but all it could do was twitch wildly.

Though, as the seconds passed. Its twitching begins to lessen. Until it had frozen up.

I had not bound it before, so I needed to make some corrections before I found the right way to bind it.

I looked at the frozen critter with some unwillingness. Someone inside my core wanted it, but I didn't want it inside me. A mistake will kill me.

If it did something during transference, I would be dead.

I know the transference is safe. I couldn't help but have these thoughts, seeing how dangerous this is.

I looked at it for a couple of seconds, before making my decision and pulled.

A moment later, it appeared in appeared on the disk and I took a sigh of relief. Seeing everything went perfectly.

On the disk too, it is frozen, not with the strings, but with the spatial binds. Since it is my core, I could use them. However, not all; I needed to create a pretty complex formation to achieve something like this.

Rustle Rustle

Seconds passed, and nothing happened when suddenly, I heard the rustle.

"I am such an idiot," I said, hitting my head and beginning to move toward the tree. It is not the hidden being that asked me, to bring it but the seedling of the world tree.

The moment my strings had touched it; the tree began to rustle, and I felt something akin to will; that I felt a few times before.


As I moved it toward the tree; I felt the change in the critter. It started to struggle hard against the binds.

"It seemed like, it didn't want to go near the tree," I said, looking at fruitless resistance.

Finally, I stopped and placed it under it.


For a few seconds, nothing happened, but at the seventh second, something happened that shocked the hell out of me.

The earth begins to shake before the roots start coming out, not the small roots, but the big ones. They all moved toward the critter, who started to struggle even harder.

They reached it and wrapped around it, before piercing inside and they did it, with surprising ease.

Crack Crack Crack!

A second later, a cracking sound began to ring out when suddenly, I noticed something, which again shocked me to my soul.

The roots are not only consuming the flesh of the critter but also its warped soul.