'Come,' I said and pulled another critter into my core; this was the third Sovereign stage critter, I had pulled in my core, in an hour.

It is becoming clear that there is more critter, the closer; I get to the color place. It might be the place where the hive is, and that makes going there even more dangerous.

I had nearly stopped but soon resumed the journey.

It is dangerous, but important too; it could answer a lot of questions and I might see other people too. In all wastelands, if any place, that is attracting the attention is, then that would be the colored place.

A few minutes later, I stopped and looked at the moon.

I had planned to stop in the evening, but it had been three hours since and I was still continuing with my journey. There was barely any change in energy and thus decided to move forward, but now it seemed like it was time to take the rest.

There is a wasteland and, aside from rocks of all sizes, there was nothing else.

If I didn't have my current abode, I would have been worried, but now, I am not as much.

I dropped the small sphere to the barren ground and, a second later, stepped forward into the invisible gate. Even if someone looking at me from a distance wouldn't be able to find other than rocks, coming to this place.

I entered the abode and sat down, deactivating the armor.

I immediately went to my core, where aside from two, every clone was busy doing something that would help me against the critter.

I would have used the last two too, but there is nothing for them to do with seven already working on everything.

I looked at everything, including the two working on crafting alchemical ware, which will be helpful against the eggs of the critter. I have been able to find out several formulas that will help against it.

Today, once again, I am grateful for my hoarding habits.

I have things to craft, many of those formulas. I have many seeds of those things I don't have, and I have planted them and used the growth energies from the last three critters to grow them.

I want to be as prepared as possible, for anything that will be thrown at me.


I watched for a few minutes and was about to leave the core when I suddenly stopped and appeared by the door of the library before entering inside.

My clones have found something important in the library. Something that might help me against the critter.

I appeared beside my clone and read that book.

"It will be hard to craft it, even with clones, but if I did, it would really help me against the critter," I said, reading it over and over.

I had read it for a few minutes and asked the two clones who were working on the inheritance to work on that thing. I have materials. So, there is no need to wait for anything.

A little more than an hour later, I walked out of the clone and freshened up, before sitting down.

A moment later, dinner appeared in front of me, and I dug in. Eating till I couldn't anymore.

The plate disappeared, and I laid back in rest. I stayed as such for over ten minutes before closing my eyes and entering my core again.

Hours passed. I studied and worked alongside my clones to understand the enemy and learn the ways to deal with it. The coming days are going to be more dangerous than I could imagine, but I will have to face them if I want to get out of this place.

I got out and walked out inside, but I didn't go to my core instead, I went to the practice room and a minute later, began practicing the method.

I didn't practice Talaras's Constitution, which I had been doing since I came to the city. No, I practice the Dance of Ukasanovor.

It is dangerous to practice the method in a place like this, but this method is my only way to increase my strength and I would need every bit of increase in here.

I practice one pose after another, as perfectly as possible, because failure will blast that energy inside me, killing me very painfully.

I am still practicing Level 0 of the method and haven't reached even halfway into it, despite diligently practicing nearly every day in the academy.

The method is hard, and my speed is said to be good, amazing even.

Finally, I finished with the hundred and eighty poses and nearly collapsed on the ground, before stopping myself.

I gently lowered myself to the ground and sat down. I took a deep breath for over ten minutes to control myself, before gently getting up and walking out of the practice room.

In my bedroom, I removed all my clothes and went to the shower.

Ten minutes later, I came out and lay on the bed and within a second, fell asleep.

Exactly four hours later, I woke up, and after freshening up; I went to the practice room and practiced Talaras's Constitution.

It didn't increase my strength directly, but it helped indirectly in many ways. Most importantly, I noticed that when I practice it; the benefits of the Dance of Ukasanor increase.

Fifty-one minutes later, I was finished and went directly to the shower. When I came out; I had breakfast on the porch.

Soon, the plates cleared, and I looked at the data in front of me.

There had been movements; two critters had entered the rage of the rage of my abode. They were far away and didn't discover it; they wouldn't have been able to discover it, even if they were close.

I closed the window and looked ahead.

There is still an hour before sunrise, and I am thinking about whether to stay or leave. After much thinking, I decided to leave.

It is better that I reach the color place. I want to find out what it is and if it is a place of the hive; then I can decide on my next course of action.

With a step, I got out of the abode and took it back in my core, before starting to make the journey toward the colored place.

Half an hour later, I came across a Sovereign critter, which I quickly bound. Once again, I did some tests for a few minutes before sending it to my core, where the seedling of the world tree had torn it apart.

Soon, it had become clear, and I increased my speed a little. The critters could see better in the dark than in the day; it is wise to remain careful of that fact.

A few minutes passed, and I had dealt with another critter.

More and more of them have started appearing, and the closer, I am getting to the colored place. While all of them are Sovereign; I am sure, I will come across, Earth Sovereign one very soon.


I had just thought that when the soul wave came and brought the news of it. It is not the only thing; it has brought back.