'Sky Sovereign, Mrenin,' I greeted as I got myself in control.

'The things you have given me, will they work?' he asked, and I couldn't help, but feel excited. I had given him the things but didn't think he would actually use them.

'I don't know; I had crafted them according to the formulas but hadn't tested them,' I replied, truthfully.

'Well, I will use them. If they didn't work. I will use the things I have,' he said, after a second of silence.

'It's a good idea,"

'Four hours. It will be enough for you to reach the safe distance, right?' he asked.

'It is more than enough,' I replied. He nodded and disappeared.

I have already achieved my objective. I have not seen the queen, nor do I have any intention of that. The queen is unlike other critters, is powerful. It is already extremely dangerous for me to walk this close to it.

I needed to achieve my objective, which I did. Disappointed as it left me.

It is a sub-hive; there is no exit here. I will have to find the main hive for the exit.

A moment after he left, I had also started to make my way outside of the forest. I didn't hurry, even a second; I was aware that if they discovered me, I would be dead.

Even Sky Sovereign, Mrinen wouldn't be able to save me, even if he wanted to.

Over an hour passed, and I crossed the most dangerous area when I stopped again. This time by a group of critters, led by the Earth Sovereign.

I could kill them all in less than five seconds, but that would make me discover and I am not idiot enough to commit to such a mistake.

Another hour passed, and I was out of the forest.

As I did, I increased my speed. Though not by much, there are still critters around me, and I really want to kill them.

I might have, if Sky Sovereign Mrinen wasn't planning on doing, what he is going to do.


Twenty more minutes passed, and I moved away from the forest, without killing a single critter, when I sensed something.

I investigated it, and a smile appeared on my face.

'It is a good thing; I didn't remind him. He is Sky Sovereign. He did such things more than me,' I thought.

He had placed stealth pillars; I had sensed three, but I am sure there are more covering the whole forest. He didn't want other critters to know what would happen here.

If they get to know, especially the main hive; it will be troublesome for us. Might even stop us from getting out of here.


I thought for a moment, before bringing out rubies and they began to move.

Earlier, I had sent a few long-range soul waves; they were to map the forest, and they did. I have now had a complete map of the forest; it is not detailed; it doesn't need to be.

I had placed the area of the map into my rubies and sent them to cover it whole.

Thankfully, the forest is small, and my rubies would be able to envelop them in their range. Their power would lessen, but they were secondary precaution; in case the pillars were not able to catch all.

There are some things that my rubies can catch more proficiently than the pillars can.

They are also sneaky, moving through the earth in such a way, that they wouldn't be discovered by anyone unless they really focus on them.

Once again, I resumed my journey.

I stopped after three hours and forty-one minutes. I have created enough distance from the forest that I would be safe, even if everything goes wrong, if everything goes right, then I will know, that those things, I had created worked.

There were a few huge boulders; where I dropped the pearl and took a step forward.

Of course, I am going to hide in the abode. I am not going to stay outside while he attacks the hive, where there are at least Nine-Sky Sovereigns, including the queen.

The first thing I did after entering the abode, was to connect it with the rubies, which had yet to reach their destination.

It took a second and numerous graphs and projections appeared in front of me. There is also a projection that my abode is capturing through its senses, and, despite the distance, it is clearer than what I could see through my eyes.

Seven and a half minutes later, a smile appeared on my face. The rubies had reached their positions.

Now, the only thing I have to do is wait. Wait, for twelve minutes.

Minutes passed and soon, it was four hours and sharply, at that exact moment, I felt the change.

The forest, the colorful forest, begins to blaze. One minute, it was normal and all, and second, it was blazing like an inferno, that I could even feel the heat from such a distance.

It is so hot that a normal person would have turned to ashes for a second.

That is an ocaris crystal for you, an extremely powerful fire elemental crystal. If explodes, would easily kill a Peak Sky Sovereign.

Though it is very stable. Still, my heart was beating rapidly, when my clone was working on it, to create that solution of emerburn.

The books had the complete processes to deal with the critters in their domain and omas set of three solutions; I had created, is from one of those books.

The burning is the last step.

The first solution heavily sedates the sleeping critters, the second one seeps into the skin of active ones and the third one burns. The heat of the third one also activates the second one, which suppresses their powers.

All three are stealthy, and not even the queen could detect them.

However, there is one flaw in it: the queen. It is different; these things barely affect it.

There are some things that could affect it, but the materials required for them are extremely rare and the method of crafting them is hard.

That even my clones wouldn't be able to craft them.

Still, my clones are reading book after book, to find the formulae. I have all the materials and could craft them with my abilities.

I pushed those thoughts away and turned to the forest, where critters were screaming like mad.

If the data is flashing in front of me, right, then if I had been close enough; I might have fallen unconscious and started bleeding from all my orifices by the sound alone.

Even at this distance, I would have had a blinding headache.

Thankfully, the pillars stopped all. Even if it didn't, the abode had great protections; nothing would have harmed me here.


Barely a second and a half, the fire had blazed, when I saw the Sky Sovereign Mrinen appearing in the sky, and around him were lances.

Twelve are the biggest lances, blazing brightly with heavy energy signatures, while a hundred others are powerful in their own right.

Powerful enough that I didn't have a confidence to survive them, even with the string shield.