“Completely covered in green fur and having bloodshot eyes? These are clearly signs of zombie mutation!”


“Make sure you’re all wearing personal protective equipment. Careful not to get bitten by these living zombies!” The commander called out. He then ordered, “Encircle them, and take them all down!”

“We haven’t mutated into zombies! We haven’t!”

“We have clear thought processes! We aren’t…”

“Ridiculous, which fella that has mutated into a zombie will admit that they’re about to mutate?” The commander scoffed. He waved his hand, and all the city guards charged forward with their spears to encircle them. They rounded up all the people from Godsend Academy in one fell swoop.

“You bunch of dumb*sses! Which living zombie can argue with you like we are? I already said that this is because we got poisoned!” Before Mentor Zhang could finish talking, he got punched in the face, making his mouth twitch from the pain.

“You’re the bunch of dumb*sses. Other people who get poisoned have black complexions and purple lips. Which poisoned person has fur growing all over their body!! Your poison looks like this?”

“Pfft.” Fang Xu, who was peeking at them from a corner, couldn’t hold in her laughter.

Lu Ling was also snickering beside her while covering her mouth. Yu Gui tugged at them to remind them to be quiet.

“Ah! Let go, let go of me!!” Xu Xinran’s piercing screams caused everybody to look at her.

They saw a green furry person struggling in the grips of two guards wearing personal protective equipment. Her furry face was so contorted that it was impossible to make out her original features.

“You people, what are you people trying to do? Let go of me! Let go!! I am the young lady of Polan Prefecture’s Xu Clan! How dare you treat me like this? My father, Family Head Xu, will not let you off! Ah! Ah…” She flailed her furry arms so fiercely that her clothes tore open in the back.


When Xu Xinran heard the sound of cotton tearing, she clearly froze for a moment before letting out an earth-shattering scream. “AH!!”

“You people! How dare you treat me like this! AH!! AHHH!” It was like the last plaintive cry of a young virgin who was about to get ravaged…

However, the group of guards all just looked at her with contempt.

After her world-shaking scream passed and everything returned to silence.

The commander gave Xu Xinran an irritated slap. “What are you screaming for? You think you’re some goddess! Anyone who sees how you’re covered in green fur would be utterly nauseous!”

Xu Xinran froze up!

This was the first time a man scorned her like this, and a group of lowly guards at that.

Fang Xu wanted to add fuel to the fire, but Chen Hanzi stopped her from speaking. “Let’s go. We’ve already watched them make a fool of themselves.”

If the people from Godsend Academy discovered that they were hiding and watching them make a fuss, things would blow up into a bigger mess.

Qiao Mu nodded. “Let’s go.”

Instead of continuing to wrestle with these fools from Godsend Academy, they might as well return to the inn to rest.

Speaking of which, the sky had completely darkened by this time.

Qiao Mu rubbed her flat little belly. She wondered if the group of foodies were still waiting for her to go back.

“Junior Sister, how did they turn into that inhuman appearance?” Junior Sister asked curiously, “Is it the poisonous smoke that wafted from that exploding bead?”