Their dinner ended late into the evening.

After savoring good wine and food, their party ended near midnight.

Qiao Mu was also a bit tipsy after drinking a few extra cups of fruit wine.

It wasn’t until everybody left the room that Crown Prince Mo carried Qiao Mu, who was half-sprawling on the table, to the bathtub.

Qiao Mu opened her eyes. The candlelight made her cheeks look even rosier.

“Am I smiling?” The little fellow pushed up her cheeks and insisted on asking the crown prince.

Crown Prince Mo found her tipsy state charmingly naive, and couldn’t help but be amused. He turned her petite head forward and gave her a smack on the cheek. He shook his head and said, “You aren’t.”

The little fellow promptly puffed out her cheeks and grabbed his collar. “I want to smile for you guys.”

Mo Lian was both a bit happy and a bit grieved.

This little fellow had gotten used to showing others an expressionless face because of the emotions she had suppressed over the years. That’s why it wasn’t that easy for her to smile even if she wanted to.?

“You can smile.” He picked her up and slowly started undoing her outer garment before placing her into the bathtub. “Qiaoqiao reunited with your senior sisters whom you thought you had lost, so you should naturally smile today.”

Qiao Mu nodded vigorously and declared crisply, “I am happy!”

Mo Lian cupped her petite face with his hands and pressed against her smooth forehead with his own. He murmured softly, “Qiaoqiao, treat yourself better in the future, okay?”

Shouldn’t young children like her be extremely willful and capricious? Which child inhibited their emotions like she did?

Besides, so what if she acted brazen and unbridled with her current identity? That was something she could do!

Qiao Mu hugged Mo Lian’s neck and lay against his shoulder. She was inexplicably unable to stop her tears from streaming down. “Lian, Second Aunt-Master didn’t die. Second Aunt-Master didn’t die!”

“I thought they were all dead, but they aren’t.”

“I am feeling so happy!”

“I don’t know how to tell you.”

Mo Lian caressed the back of her head and comforted softly with a nod. “I know, I know what you mean. My Qiaoqiao actually has never been alone.”

Qiao Mu pulled back and looked at him with her wide, misty eyes. She suddenly smacked him on the cheek. “How come you know everything?”

Crown Prince Mo was momentarily stunned. He blinked his eyes and declared, “Do you remember the first time we met? You were still a mute back then! But I could comprehend your every expression! That should’ve been due to fate.”

“You’re the mute!” She bit down on his ear.

Mo Lian’s body froze, and he coughed lightly after extricating her. He then squinted his phoenix eyes. “Qiaoqiao, how about Hubby helping you bathe?”

He originally thought that the little fellow would clobber his head again, and then she would kick him out in embarrassment!

Yet who knew—

Qiao Mu nodded emphatically and raised her arms up, as if saying “go ahead!”

Our dear crown prince froze from head to toe…

Even his expression froze on his handsome face!

What, what was going on?

How come it didn’t play out as per the normal routine?

He only wanted to tease his wifey a bit.

He didn’t expect, though… that he would instead be the one freezing up from his wife’s teasing…

“I-I’m gonna see if there’s still any hot water!” Crown Prince Mo shot up and practically bolted out the door.

Oh my heavens~ He didn’t want to do it with his wifey in this rundown inn…