Are you joking!?

You already issued a challenge, so of course we have to take it seriously? Who would give slack for no reason?

“What do you mean murderous attack!” Qi Xuanxuan peered at Gu Liuli and shook her head while saying, “It was your team member who first released his mystic beast. Since you want it to be a battle between beasts, fine! Is it not reasonable for the mystic beasts to duke it out between themselves?”

“You’re trying to argue your way out of it!” Before Gu Liuli could finish talking, she felt a palm strike targeting her cheek.

Gu Liuli was furious and rolled on the ground to dodge that palm strike. When she looked up, she saw the little lady gaze at her frostily with an unfeeling expression.

Gu Liuli was filled with frustration, so she struck a meandering surge of wood spirit energy into the ground.

Brambles shot out from the ground toward Qiao Mu’s direction, threatening to wrap her up.

“Shriek!” The cry of an ancient phoenix from above descended on the stage.

With a whoosh, a spray of flames lit the area in the center of the stage on fire!

Gu Liuli and Zhao Li’s two minor mystic beasts were trapped by the flames, and they frantically covered their heads while cowering, afraid to even glance at the ancient bloodfire phoenix.


Don’t be ridiculous, that was an ancient sacred beast, alright! As two minor mystic beasts, they wouldn’t even make a snack for a sacred beast.

Wahhh, Master couldn’t be more awesome to have actually offended an ancient sacred beast!

At this very moment, Gu Liuli was also probably dumbfounded. She was crouching motionlessly on the ground.

Qiao Mu struck the surface of the stage with a surge of wood spirit.

Subsequently, illusory man-eating flowers formed from wood spirit rapidly opened their jaws lined with serrated teeth and sped after Gu Liuli and Zhao Li.

“Roar!” A ferocious beast jumped out from behind Zhao Li and swallowed several illusory man-eating flowers in one gulp. It flung Gu Liuli and Zhao Li onto its back and sprung upwards while carrying them.

*Boom!* The bloodfire phoenix instantly took human form and descended from the sky straight onto that ferocious beast’s back. This kick caused the unlucky fellow to crash heavily to the ground.

The phoenix’s human form was extremely exquisite and handsome. He looked like a 12 to 13-year-old youth and was wearing a scarlet robe. He had red lips, pearly teeth, and sword brows, and was peering around with bright eyes. He landed beside his little master with a swish.

“Master! Do you want me to gulp down all these small fry?” These little playthings wouldn’t even make a good snack.

Qiao Mu looked at him silently and did not utter a word, but she was roasting him in her mind.

Deaths probably wouldn’t be much of a problem during competition, but if they were to gulp down the other party’s entire team like you! That would definitely be a huge problem!

“Master, then I’ll swallow that man!” The bloodfire phoenix pointed at the pale-faced Zhao Li.

The latter simply wanted to stuff himself inside a crack in the ground when he saw the bloodfire phoenix pointing at him. He was so terrified that his teeth were chattering.

The bloodfire phoenix couldn’t resist snorting at his terrified state.

He suddenly transformed into his true phoenix form with a turn of his head and shrieked at Zhao Li. This promptly scared Zhao Li into scrambling backwards while covering his head and screaming.

His shameful behavior greatly amazed the audience.

“Ah, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”