There was practically no doubt about this matter!

Only those prominent great patrician families in the Upper Three Provinces could possibly possess a sacred beast to hold down the fort.

The little lady most certainly hailed from a family background several hundred times better than Zhao Li’s. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have the wealth needed to casually summon a sacred beast!

Gu Liuli was rapidly assessing in her mind as she withstood the scorching flames.

Exactly which great patrician family from the Upper Three Provinces commanded an ancient bloodfire phoenix?

She was unable to make heads or tails of it. By this time, Zhao Li’s legs had gotten hit by the bloodfire phoenix’s flames. He rolled back and forth on the ground while moaning in pain.

“St-Stop!!” Gu Liuli screeched, “We… Catkin Academy admits defeat!”

Gu Liuli heaved a long sigh, with the relief of safely surviving this incident.

When she thought of how she luckily didn’t issue some life-and-death challenge back then, her heart couldn’t help but pound madly.


Everything was still not too late.


If she had issued a life-and-death challenge…

The results would be too horrible to conceive!

Qiao Mu didn’t plan to make things difficult for them either. When she heard Gu Liuli shout to stop the battle, she beckoned to the bloodfire phoenix.

The ancient fire phoenix gave a shriek before diving down happily next to his little master.

By the time he got to Qiao Mu, the colossal pressure characteristic of a fire phoenix had completely vanished. There was merely a small, scarlet bird that chirped while landing on Qiao Mu’s arm. He flapped his wings before hopping onto Qiao Mu’s shoulder.

Everybody from Catkin Academy was flabbergasted.

It was difficult to relate this adorkable creature to the gigantic creature that had just been shooting fireballs at their heels, tormenting them beyond belief.

The little fellow stroked the phoenix’s feathers before looking up at Gu Liuli. She swept her an indifferent glance before turning to Duanmu Qing and the others. “Let’s go.”

Since the other party had admitted defeat, there was naturally nothing else to say.

This was originally a ludicrous battle with great disparity in strength between both sides. Qiao Mu hadn’t planned on really targeting these people with fatal attacks.

It was just a quarrel to begin with. Since the other party had issued a battle challenge, they naturally had to accept or else they would be seen as cowards!

Since the matter had now concluded, Qiao Mu was unwilling to linger on the stage any longer.

They turned around and were planning to jump off the stage.

Suddenly, they heard a shout from the seating area.

Mentor Zhou yelled furiously, “How dare you brat!”

The mentors from Apex Academy were already flying toward the stage.

Qiao Mu glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Zhao Li letting out a venomous snake from his sleeve. It stopped abruptly in mid-air before targeting her back with its fangs.

Qiao Mu sneered. She shook her left wrist, and the white snakelet, which had circled around her wrist as a bangle, shot out with a swish. Wrath burned in its round and watery eyes. Its tiny snake head abruptly transformed into a huge apparition before swallowing that hurtling venomous snake head on.

“Ah!!” Gu Liuli and company screamed.

The white snake’s titanic head had already come before the horrified Zhao Li. He simply had no time to evade.

The serpent had already bit onto Zhao Li’s upper body, and his two legs floundered outside for a moment before the two halves of his body separated for good!

“AH!!!!” Piercing screams came from the stage.

Everybody’s sight was dyed with blood. They were all thoroughly terrorized by the bloody scene before their eyes!