“We still have to continue the matches!” Hong Chi gave Catkin Academy’s mentor an apathetic glance before extending his hand toward the edge of the stage.

His meaning was clear. This mentor should get off the stage and not obstruct students from competing in the next match.

Catkin Academy’s mentor flung his sleeves angrily and ordered his students to carry the remaining half of Zhao Li’s corpse.

Those two students who were carrying the corpse kept turning their heads to the side, afraid to look at Zhao Li’s gruesome remains. They couldn’t stop their hands from shaking and felt like they would probably have nightmares from this!

“Useless things!” Catkin Academy’s mentor berated, “Keep steady!”

They had to hand this remaining half of a corpse to the Zhao Clan no matter what.

As for those old scores with Apex Academy, he was unable to do anything about them as a mere mentor. The people from the Zhao Clan could deal with them on their own.

Catkin Academy’s mentor had a ruthless look.

The Zhao Clan was not some minor family clan that could be easily dismissed!

Since that Apex Academy student had killed Zhao Li and offended the Zhao Clan, there was most likely… no way to end things peacefully!

Qiao Mu had already returned to her seat by this time. She took out a small jar of peanuts from her inner world and snacked on them with her companions.


They chatted as they ate, completely heedless of how stimulating that scene of a bloody half a corpse from earlier could be. They were still eating jubilantly.

When the little fatty looked up, he saw that Gu Liuli had turned around to run out of the seating area. She had grabbed onto a column and was retching.

“What’s up with her?”

“She had probably gotten nauseated by the corpse just now.” Qi Xuanxuan had no mental burden at all and grabbed a handful of peanuts to snack on. She shook her petite hand with a disapproving expression and commented, “Her mental toughness is too poor! If she can’t even handle that child’s play, what should she do when she encounters zombies that are rotting all over!”

Ma Ta nodded. “That’s right!”

“In other words, it’s useless if a person only has strong capabilities. They also have to have strong mental toughness!”

“Otherwise, if they feel faint after getting exposed to some blood like she did, how would they be able to fight? The other party will strangle them dead in a flash.”

Qiao Mu expressionlessly looked down at her hands that were now emptied of the jar the Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal had taken away.

Mo Lian couldn’t resist wanting to laugh. He turned to the little fellow and pinched her cheek. “You don’t need to pay any mind to those people of no concern. Your academy’s mentors look pretty idle, so just let them handle it.”

Qiao Mu gulped down the last two peanuts in her hands and looked up silently at Zhou Danjin and the other mentors who were storming back.

“That mentor from Catkin Academy is too ludicrous!” Zhou Danjin ranted, “The facts are already obvious, yet he’s still quibbling persistently. I don’t want to say anything to him anymore!”

Everyone nodded.

“Mentor, what did that guy say afterwards?”

“He said bullsh*t!” Mentor Zhou shook his hand and plopped down next to them. “That guy was still going on and on, so your Mentor Wei Xu went up and gave him two punches. That finally shut him up!”

Everyone: …

Mentor Zhou smacked his armrest and lectured them with heartfelt words, “Was Mentor Wei Xu correct in solving things this way? Obviously not! When we can reason with others, don’t casually get physical with them! Right?”