“Don’t learn from Mentor Wei Xu. He is too hot-tempered.” Zhou Danjin sighed as he waved his hand in disapproval.

However, he saw Qi Xuanxuan and the others worshipping Wei Xu with sparkling eyes.

Zhou Danjin couldn’t resist twitching his mouth. “What expressions are those?”

“I feel that Mentor Wei Xu did amazing this time.” The little fatty brandished his chubby paw and asserted, “When that guy was rambling on, I couldn’t help wanting to beat him up!”

“Right, right, right. Especially when he was sycophantically trying to justify Zhao Li’s innocence, I really couldn’t control myself from wanting to beat him up,” Qi Xuanxuan chimed in while nodding her head.

Mentor Zhou: !

“You guys shouldn’t be doing this! We should still talk reason where it requires it, right? It’s only when reason doesn’t work that we resort to alternate methods!” Mentor Zhou earnestly tried to persuade everyone. He also turned to look at Miss Qiao, who had been silently keeping to herself and snacking on dried fruits.

“Look! Qiaoqiao is demonstrating the truly correct attitude in resolving issues. Yeah!” Mentor Zhou pointed at Qiao Mu and nodded approvingly. “Sometimes when the other person sees you remaining reticent, right, he’ll stop bickering! We have to understand one point! Violence, is truly the most inferior way of solving problems, right?”

Duanmu Qing and the others silently looked at the little stoic.

Did Mentor Zhou neglect something?

Wasn’t it Qiaoqiao who let out the white snakelet without a second word to bite Zhao Li dead?


Qiaoqiao definitely wouldn’t bicker with other people, yeah? Why would she bicker? Wasn’t her way of solving problems directly slap the other person dead, and then the world would regain its peace and quiet?

You’re telling Qiaoqiao to go talk reason with someone else?


Everybody wanted to laugh out loud!

Wouldn’t that be a fantasy?

Could Qiaoqiao bicker with you? If she had the time to bicker with you, she would instead smack you dead so that you’ll forever be unable to make a fuss again, alright?

You don’t understand Qiaoqiao’s way of doing things!

This time, even Crown Prince Mo swept Zhou Danjin an extremely disapproving look.

The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal sitting beside him, who had also snatched Qiaoqiao’s peanut jar, really wanted to laugh, but he held back and coughed lightly.

The little stoic turned a deaf ear to everybody’s remarks and nibbled her dried fruits unperturbed.

*Boom!!* A sudden tremor came from the seating area a ways from them. It made the two teams currently on stage jump in fright.

Everybody stood up, and even the currently competing teams paused their battle and peered over at the source of the sound.

They saw that a huge pit had opened up under that Catkin Academy mentor.

How could the mentor have expected his seat to suddenly cave in out of the blue?

How big of a pit was this?

The mentor’s entire body had dropped into the pit. He was totally stupefied!

Not only was the Catkin Academy mentor confounded, even those managers in charge of maintaining order in the Shenghua Battle Arena were bewildered!

Their Shenghua Battle Arena had hosted so many competitions, basically having to conduct competitions of various sizes every year!

They had never heard of someone dropping into a pit, alright?

What was this Catkin Academy mentor’s tonnage to push the pitiful ground past its breaking point and make him cave in?

“Pfft!” The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal burst out in laughter and started laughing his head off.

Everybody glanced teasingly at the embarrassed Mentor Zhou.