Does your face hurt, Mentor Zhou?


The little fatty and the others’ guffaws formed an entirely different kind of orchestra that played the BGM for Mentor Zhou’s embarrassment and his nonplussed expression…

“Cough!” Zhou Danjin coughed lightly and turned to see even Mentor Wei Xu’s stern face unable to hide a smile.

He had just praised Qiaoqiao for her “correct attitude in resolving issues” when the unlucky Catkin Academy mentor was struck by disaster.

Even though Miss Qiao was keeping quiet and just gnawing on dried fruit, Zhou Danjin dared to bet with his life that this girl absolutely had something to do with the deep pit appearing under the Catkin Academy mentor’s butt!

Needless to say, Zhou Danjin indeed did feel that his face was freakin’ hurting!

“Xiao Qiao, what exactly did you do!” Zhou Danjin coughed again and looked exasperatedly at this worrisome student of his.

He had just been trying to elevate her image, yet who knew…

Miss Qiao glanced at Mentor Zhou out of the corner of her eye before expressionlessly turning her face away, continuing to nibble on her dried fruits.

However, Qi Xuanxuan and company couldn’t stop cracking up. It was like this had tickled their funny bone, and they rocked with laughter.


Let time rewind back to 15 minutes ago.

Mentor Hu waved his hand and told them, “Go down and rest first.”

Qiao Mu flicked her finger just as she turned around, and an explosion talisman veiled by an invisibility talisman stuck securely to the quibbling Catkin Academy mentor’s butt!

What happened afterwards basically happened as a matter of course.

As long as Qiao Mu willed it, she could let that explosion talisman detonate whenever she wanted.

She had just glimpsed that Catkin Academy mentor pause his long-winded quibbling and drink from the teacup a student handed him…

Miss Qiao thus decisively detonated the explosion talisman on his butt!

This Catkin Academy mentor had not only ended up falling shamefully, as his butt was most likely the worst-hit area. It was a question whether it had cracked open!

“What do you guys think I did?” The little stoic swept a glance at Mentor Zhou and the others. She calmly lifted up a cup of spiritual tea, but before she could raise it to her lips, Feng Chen snatched it from next to her.

“Good tea! I can tell that it’s unordinary just from smelling it.”

The little stoic glanced up at him and could only take out another cup. She took a sip before questioning nonchalantly, “Do I look like someone who would do something that silly?”

You do!

Everybody gave her an affirmative without doubt!

Although they didn’t know what she had done, they were very certain that she was the culprit.

By this time, the Catkin Academy mentor had already climbed out of the pit. His face had flushed bright red, and he pointed at those managers of the Shenghua Battle Arena who had come over while interrogating agitatedly, “Y-You people! Your Shenghua Battle Arena often hosts competitions, and the floor has to bear the force of people’s repeated spiritual attacks! Y-You don’t know how to schedule regular maintenance?”

Even though the managers were twitching their mouths, they still soothingly placated the Catkin Academy mentor and ordered people to bring him away to apply medicine and rest.

Everybody’s eyebrows couldn’t help jerking when they noticed the Catkin Academy’s awkward walking posture.

This unlucky Catkin Academy wouldn’t have… gotten hurt somewhere he shouldn’t have!

Wasn’t it just getting blasted in the butt by an explosion talisman? Was it to the extent to make his walking posture this awful??Qiao Mu lampooned in her mind.