Five minutes later, Qi Xuanxuan and them were unable to smile anymore…

The head referee Hong Chi walked to the center of the stage with large strides. He first looked at Qi Xuanxuan and them whose smiles had stiffened somewhat, and then at the seating area. He repeated his announcement, “Will the students of River Horse Academy please enter the stage!”

The sound of shuffling came from the seating area, and everybody looked at each other. They were all looking for traces of the students from River Horse Academy.

“Hey, what’s going on? Where’s River Horse Academy’s Captain Sha Gua?”

“What time is it already? Why haven’t they appeared yet?”

“What the hell is River Horse Academy up to! Do they think the academy ranking competition is a trifling matter?”

“That’s right! What’s the matter.”

“Could it be that Sha Gua and them feel that they won’t win against Apex Academy, so they’re forfeiting the match?”

“If that’s the case, they really shouldn’t be.”

“Even if they can’t win, they still should have a go at it!”

“If they just forfeit the match like this without saying anything, then they really are too cowardly!”


“That’s right, that’s right.” People’s discussions went on nonstop, and the expressions of Qi Xuanxuan and the other students from Apex Academy started turning foul.

From their understanding of Sha Gua, even if he wasn’t going to compete, he wouldn’t vanish like this.

He would come up on stage at least and forthrightly admit defeat!

Only then would the match conclude perfectly, no?

Everybody subconsciously turned to look at the expressionless stoic face.

“Wait a bit.”

“Light the incense!” At Hong Chi’s order, someone lit a mid-length incense at the center of the stage.

“If the students of River Horse Academy do not come on stage in 15 minutes, this will be considered a forfeit. According to the rules, Apex Academy will then automatically enter the fourth round of the semifinals!”

The audience burst into an uproar.

Everybody really had no idea whether those guys from Apex Academy had saved the world in their previous life to have such d*mn good luck!

“Holy sh*t!” A senior from Shuntian Prefecture’s Celestial Light Academy couldn’t resist cursing, “Could they not have such over-the-top luck?”

“Are those two female members of Apex Academy’s team the people whom we rode the terrestrial whale with when we just arrived in Shuntian Prefecture?” An ordinary-looking female member of Celestial Light Academy’s substitute team questioned with furrowed brows.

“That’s right.” Liu Hao nodded and told that woman in a low voice, “Princess, we just have to wait and see.”

“Their luck is too good.” A pretty woman sitting next to the princess couldn’t resist pouting, “River Horse Academy is actually forfeiting the match. We never had such good luck.”

In reality, they only stood out more from the rest of the new students who had similarly just come to Shuntian Prefecture. That’s why they got the chance to come observe the ranking competition.

The chance of them truly going up to battle was basically zero.

“Shut up. Stop jabbering next to me,” the princess reprimanded.

“Big Brother Xu.” The woman pursed her lips as she looked aggrievedly at a square-jawed man beside her.

The man couldn’t help but reproach, “Liu Tiantian, how many times have I told you already. Don’t put on your princess airs here! Don’t make a fuss with Yu’er!”

Chen Hanyu smiled triumphantly. She swept a look of dominance at the livid Liu Tiantian before looking away in distaste.

Seeing that the incense on the stage was about to go out, the spectators in the seating area couldn’t help but sigh.