Duanmu Qing activated his wood spirit, prompting wood brambles to drill out from the ground and entwine Sha Gua and company’s legs.

On the other hand, Qi Xuanxuan flung down several thunderbolts.

However, as she had yet to break through to the spiritual realm, she could not wield spiritual energy as she wished.

Nevertheless, under guidance from the academy’s thunder spirit specialty mentor, Qi Xuanxuan had already learned how to make use of her limited spiritual energy to exhibit the greatest power while maintaining an optimum duration.

Behind the two were Ma Ta and Hua Tao, who wielded the water spirit, and Jiang Shaoxin, who wielded the fire spirit. They each gave it their all while clashing with their opponents’ spiritual energy.

Lastly, Classmate Lu Yu activated an earth spiritual barrier to assist the little fatty in shielding everybody inside it.

Meanwhile, Qiao Mu didn’t seem to be responsible for anything. She just tagged along everybody else and flicked over several fire spirit talismans or water spirit talismans wherever she pointed her fingers.

This eight-person team formed an impregnable fortress. Their opponents were simply unable to break their formation.

The mentors from Apex Academy couldn’t stop nodding repeatedly in admiration.

The team formation that these young kids had refined was pretty good.

It combined attack and defense and was excellent at executing both. They were able to easily withstand the attacks of 10 people with their eight without any signs of fatigue.

Qiao Mu was even able to weave between the team members to back up whomever needed it. This eight-person formation simply couldn’t be any better.

Everybody’s position was basically on point, and they complemented each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well!


This eight-person formation of theirs could simply toy with any opponents that numbered twenty or less.

Mentor Zhou smiled contentedly at the fact that the academy’s students had grown so much. He nodded repeatedly and commented, “Not bad, not bad. It was simply a brilliant decision to throw them into the underground battle arena tournament!”

If they hadn’t been teaming up every day to battle, how would they have cultivated such rapport!

Mentor Wei Xu swept Zhou Danjin a nonchalant look. “The decision to boot them into the Qianluo Underground Battle Arena was mine. You had even objected back then!”

Zhou Danjin: …

*Boom!* The two teams’ attacks collided fiercely.

The leader, Sha Gua, abruptly looked up. His eyes were bloodshot, and an extremely powerful force exploded from his body. It promptly formed a small-scale windstorm that raged toward Qiao Mu.

Sha Gua’s abnormal state immediately rang alarm bells for Duanmu Qing and company.

When they suddenly saw him target Qiao Mu, they immediately shifted into a double-sided triangular formation that placed Miss Qiao in the center.

Duanmu Qing’s lips were pressed into a frown as he blocked the gust of wind that Sha Gua shot over.

Everybody countered by attacking Sha Gua with several fireballs and ice spikes.

Qi Xuanxuan hollered furiously, “Sha Gua, what are you thinking of doing, you?”

Could this punk be thinking of turning against them completely?

It had to be known that they had been holding back since the start of the match. None of them had summoned their mystic beasts, after all.

If they really did summon their beasts, then there simply wouldn’t be any need for this match to continue.

Yet the Sha Gua turned a deaf ear to their shouts. A crimson light flashed through his eyes, and he suddenly howled at the sky.

The nine River Horse Academy team members behind him all opened their eyes wide. Crimson lights also flitted across their eyes, and they grabbed their mystic weapons and pounced madly toward Qiao Mu, whom the others from Apex Academy had shielded in the center.

It was with a vengeance that seemed as if they would not let it rest.

Bewilderment surfaced in everybody’s eyes.?Could Sha Gua’s group be under someone’s manipulation?