Chapter 2010: Killing the Young One Brings Out His Old Man!

“The rules are extremely simple. The person who controls the most birds will be victorious in this round of finals.”

Everyone looked at each other in bewilderment.

Zhou Danjin slapped his thigh as he stood up and yelled, “Everyone, aren’t these outlandish rules treating the competition as an overly trifling matter??”

Some of the mentors from the other academies concurred. “It truly does make it a trifling matter!”

“The past years’ victories were all determined by everybody’s actual strength, while this time it’s actually…”

Sunlight Academy’s Mentor Cao Dan also shook his head and remarked, “This kind of competition has truly been unheard of before.”

“What can testing one’s cultivation and spiritual conscious do? Isn’t that just idle theorizing! Some people’s inferior cultivation and spiritual conscious does not necessarily prevent them from defeating other people?”

“We are basing the competition purely on cultivation and spiritual conscious this time.” Celestial Light Academy’s mentor stressed sternly, “Students will not have any external assistance! This will fully demonstrate their own capabilities, no?”

Qiao Mu turned her petite head around in amusement and glanced at Zhou Danjin. “Mentor Zhou, you jinxed it.”

As expected, those mentors from the Six Prefectures’ top academies got restless.

Unfortunately for them… she was still second to none in her age group, no matter if it be cultivation or spiritual conscious.

Qiao Mu shook her head. She didn’t know whether she should pity those mentors from Celestial Light Academy for failing even after coming up with this machination, or if she should jeer at their stupidity.

“The first part of these finals is a test of cultivation.” Mentor Cao Dan protested, “What is the use of just testing one’s cultivation? There are a lot of people whose cultivation is not on par with their actual strength! What about them…”

“Where is the person who killed my son!” A sudden roar cut off Cao Dan’s grumblings.

Everybody turned to look in surprise. They saw a spirited elder appear in the air above the battle arena with forty plus level-seven spiritual cultivators.

The elder’s face was contorted as he swept his gaze back and forth through the battle arena. “Where are the people from Apex Academy? Quickly get out here and prepare to die!”

Qiao Mu was confused. She blanked out for a moment and couldn’t resist asking in a low voice, “Who is this old geezer looking for?”

Qi Xuanxuan and the others couldn’t help but be speechless. It turned out that this little fellow completely forgot the existence of this Zhao Li after killing him!

“This should be, Zhao Li’s dad!” Ma Ta couldn’t resist twitching his mouth. “Qiaoqiao, don’t you remember that Zhao Li from Catkin Academy who surprise attacked you in the back?”

Qiao Mu promptly recalled with this vivid description. She exclaimed with a nod, “So it’s him!”

What was going on? Killing the young one caused his old man to come knocking on their door?

Crown Prince Mo grasped her petite hand. Qiao Mu turned to wink at him, gesturing for him not to worry.

Afterwards, she left her seat and strutted toward Zhao Li’s dad. “You are Zhao Li’s dad, right.”

Zhao Li’s dad stared coldly at this little lady, seething with anger!

The little lady’s calm and composed expression was truly an eyesore.

He wished for nothing more than to immediately lunge over and tear this girl to shreds. He would then crush her bones to dust and toss it to the wind in order to allay his hatred.

Zhao Li, Zhao Li was his treasured only son!

“You have come to seek vengeance?” Qiao Mu deadpanned while beckoning to Zhao Li’s dad with her petite hand, “Come! It will be good for you two to have each other as company on the path to the underworld!”

The masses of mentors and students: …

“You ignorant young’un have gone too far!”