Chapter 2017: His Beloved (2)

Rong Li was surprised to see that rolled up scroll. He gestured a personal junior eunuch with his gaze to pick it up.

The junior eunuch immediately understood and bent over to pick up the scroll. After undoing the brocade ribbon tying the scroll, he very slowly unrolled it before everyone’s eyes.

The background was a vast expanse of misty, jade green rolling waters.

A girl who was as uncorrupted as fine jade stood expressionlessly underneath a blossoming peach tree and was just staring aloofly at the viewer.

It was just as if… she was about to walk out from the drawing.

Rong Li and the two princes behind him got mesmerized for a moment.

They had never seen such an aloof and indomitable young girl. Her eyes were drawn so vividly that they became lifelife, as if they were truly staring at you. It involuntarily made one want to approach.

The junior eunuch holding the drawing reached out to the drawing to touch the girl’s cheek, as if seemingly possessed.

Suddenly, they saw two emerald glacial stars shoot straight for his brows.

“Ah!” That eunuch shrieked and widened his eyes in terror.

It was only an instant that his eyes got hit by those two green flashes of light.

The scroll dropped to the floor as the eunuch promptly clutched his face and screeched abnormally. He rolled on the ground while screaming.

The servants moving the furniture all freaked out. They were afraid to approach the scroll that had unfurled on the floor. It was as if they were looking at a demoness from the way they stared at that drawing of the young girl who was so pretty that she seemed ethereal.

“Who permitted you to touch Master’s drawing?” A pure white figure suddenly landed beside the eunuch. He promptly threw that junior eunuch out the door with a palm strike.

When Rong Li focused his gaze, he saw a tall and unworldy man dressed in white suddenly appear inside the study. His slanted fox eyes was brimming with anger.

He stretched out his hand and sucked the scroll into his palm.

After brushing off the nonexistent dust on the scroll, the man gently rolled up the scroll and put it inside a brocade box. He then swept a cold look at the people present. “Are you people going to scram out of here yourselves, or should I toss you all out?”

The second prince was furious and couldn’t resist shouting, “Who are you? Why are you speaking to us this way! Are you aware of our identities? Even if Fourth Brother himself was here, he would not speak to us in this manner!”


Just after raising a hue and cry, the second prince felt himself flying out the window. He hit the ground without even being able to resist.

“The true form of the seven-tailed heavenly fox sacred beast?” The third prince gazed in shock at the seven long tails that suddenly appeared behind the man in white. He dumbfoundedly looked up at the other party in terror.

Heavens, what kind of background did this Fourth Brother have?

How come he was able to form a contract with a seven-tailed heavenly fox when he lived in the Lower Star Domain for most of his life?

Rong Li’s eyes also showed some deep contemplation. He suppressed his envy before cupping his hands toward the man in white. “Apologies, Your Excellency. We brothers were rash in dealing with this matter. However, we truly did not have any other intention. We are only carrying out Imperial Father’s order…”

The seven-tailed heavenly fox rarised his hand to stop him from continuing. “Immediately leave this place. Do not disturb Master.”

Rong Li was extremely frustrated, but he could not do anything about the seven-tailed heavenly fox.