Chapter 2018: His Beloved (3)

After bowing to the seven-tailed heavenly fox with cupped hands, Rong Li turned around and sent the third prince a look, and the latter helped up the groaning second prince after going out the door. Their entourage then headed out of Nanqiao Palace.

The seven-tailed heavenly fox glanced at their back coldly before looking down at the brocade box in his hand. Afterwards, he spun around and vanished from the study.

Soon, his figure appeared inside the imperial ancestral temple. He looked up at his master who was enveloped in a purple light while encased inside the purple crystal ball.

The seven-tailed heavenly fox raised up the brocade box and quickly placated, “Master, the drawing is safe, and I have already brought it back. Please calm down and clear your mind while you cultivate. Careful of succumbing to vital energy deviation!”

After hearing this, the person who had originally been struggling inside the purple light slowly eased up.

The seven-tailed heavenly fox shook his head helplessly. He looked down and opened the brocade box, taking the scroll out. After slowly unrolling it, he gently sighed at the expressionless little stoic in the drawing.

Meanwhile, the crown prince of the Ultramarine Province and his entourage had fled from Nanqiao Palace in a panic.

They were also hoisting a eunuch behind them.

This eunuch was precisely Rong Li’s personal eunuch. Right now, his entire body had turned a greenish black. His groans had also slowly turned quiet, and he was reduced to a corpse.

The two eunuchs carrying him paled from shock. However, they did not dare to abandon him recklessly, so they stumbled along as they carried that junior eunuch the whole way out of Nanqiao Palace after their masters.

“Cough, cough. Cough!” The second prince could not stop coughing violently, and his eyes were about to spew fire. “That bastard, he actually! Actually!”

“Put poison in the drawing?” The third prince had also caught a glimpse of the junior eunuch’s corpse, and he felt a chill in his heart.

Rong Li couldn’t help smiling bitterly. “Looks like we have grossly underestimated this new younger brother’s methods and schemes.”

Look at his venomous intentions, killing whoever touched the drawing. This kind of deadly poison was also seldom seen too.

“What kind of gimmick is that?” The second prince clutched his throbbingly painful chest as he questioned in agitation.

He simply had no idea what had happened when he got sent flying from one of the seven-tailed heavenly fox’s tails. There was absolutely nothing to compare about the gap in their strength!

This gave him the inexplicable feeling that in front of this fourth brother, his strength and cultivation were so trashy that it couldn’t be any worse!

“There should be some mechanism embedded inside this drawing. Any outside force will trigger the mechanism inside the hidden layer.”

However, this mechanism was assembled too skillfully. The fact that it would shoot out from the girl’s eyes in the drawing completely caught them off guard.

It had to be known that everybody’s attention was attracted to that girl’s chilly eyes the moment they saw the drawing. They were practically unable to tear their gazes away.

Comprehension flitted across Rong Li’s eyes. “He was originally surnamed Duan, from Sikong Planet’s concealed weapon patrician family, the Duan Clan.”

“Duan Clan? The one associated with that Duan Clan from the Divine Province?”

“Correct. The Divine Province’s Duan Clan should be his maternal clan’s main family.”

“This d*mned little bastard has such vicious methods.” Upon recalling the humiliation from earlier, the second prince was fuming. “Eldest Brother, who do you think that girl in the drawing is? For him to actually hide her away in the desk’s concealed drawer like treasure? And even tamper with the drawing to prevent people from touching it?”

Rong Li hummed and widened his lips into a smile. “I am guessing that this is probably Fourth Brother’s beloved one.”

“Eldest Brother, d-do you still remember what the girl in the drawing looks like?”

“I remember more or less, but… I reckon that there will not be anyone who can draw the same aura.”