Chapter 2019: Charmingly Lifelike

The drawing Duan Yue created was too lifelike!

When the girl in the drawing stared at you with her eyes that were akin to ice beads, they could truly feel a cold nip in the air.

This little lady was still young, and her features were still developing. Once she matured, she would most likely astound the world with her beauty…

The servants left first while carrying the junior eunuch’s corpse.

The crown prince, Rong Li, still felt wretched.

He had lost a quick-witted personal eunuch for nothing on this trip. This caused his dissatisfaction toward Duan Yue to spike to another level.

This Duan Yue’s temper was too unfathomable.

After returning to the crown prince’s palace, they requested for the imperial physician to come and examine the second prince’s injuries.

The crown prince also called over several painters. Afterwards, he picked up one of the dozen or so portraits of a young girl they produced from the table. However, he still felt like it didn’t communicate the right mood after scrutinizing it over. It was only fifty, no, forty percent similar to the portrait they had seen earlier.

“This looks completely different!” The third prince smacked that drawing angrily with his palm.

The painters cowered and frantically knelt down to ask for forgiveness. They feared to even take a deep breath.

The crown prince waved his hand and said, “About similar is fine! These painters haven’t seen that portrait personally after all. It is already quite alright that they can achieve a forty percent likeness. Alright, you all are dismissed.”

The painters all gave the crown prince, Rong Li, endlessly thankful gazes. They hastily bowed several more times before shuttling out the door.

“Humph, a group of mediocre talents.” The third prince nitpicked with a frown. “They only know to boast about how remarkable their drawing skills are in front of Imperial Father, yet none of them can do the job when requiring them to perform on the spot.”

Rong Li waved his hand and said. “Forget it! Don’t make them do what they are unable to.”

“Fourth Brother’s drawing was crafted too exquisitely. He used extreme attention to reproduce that girl’s chilly aura. How could this be something a mere painter can draw?”

“Humph!” The third prince harrumphed in displeasure. He got more and more revolted the longer he scrutinized the drawing. “Eldest Brother, if we use this portrait to search, will we be able to find the person?”

“I am not sure.” Rong Li shook his head. “But if you start investigating from the Sikong Planet Fourth Brother lived on, I reckon that you will be able to find this girl.”

“That is good then.” The third prince chuckled with a flicker in his eyes. “I can’t believe Fourth Brother. If he can’t forget this girl, then bring her back to his estate and make her a concubine!”

“Forget it. As his third brother, I will be a good person to the end. I will help him find this girl and show her to Imperial Father.”

A faint smile flitted across Rong Li’s eyes, but he did not say anything else.

Since the third prince was so inclined, it wouldn’t do for him to stop the third prince. After all, as the eldest brother, it would be unsuitable for him to obstruct his younger brothers’ interests!

Rong Li nodded and advised with a smile, “Third Brother should make sure not to go overboard.”

“Of course.” The third prince nodded repeatedly with a smile, “After all, this is Fourth Brother’s beloved one! He has even hidden away her portrait, refusing to let other people so much as touch it. If Fourth Brother comes seeking my life because the real person got hurt here or there, whatever should I do.”

Rong Li did not say anything else and beckoned for the servants to serve dinner.

After busying about for the whole day, he had long gotten fatigued. His body seemed to be deteriorating by the day…

This empire that spanned ten thousand miles, and this life of flourishing splendor.

How could he allow himself to personally give this up…?

No one could snatch anything away from his hands!