Chapter 2020: Blow Them Away?

In contrast to the fighting and killing from the previous days, today’s competition was truly too leisurely.

A spiritual measuring stone had long been set out on center stage.

The members of the remaining 30 teams lined up orderly and walked past the spiritual measuring stone one by one.

After they smacked the spiritual measuring stone with their palm and held still for two seconds, the left side of the spiritual measuring stone would show horizontal lines corresponding to their cultivation level.

A single horizontal line naturally referred to the level-one spiritual realm, while ten lines would mean a level-10 grand spiritual cultivator.

It was simple and straightfoward! It didn’t require any brain cells, only needing the person to walk up and gauge their cultivation.

If talking about cultivation, Qiao Mu naturally did not have the highest out of these people.

The testing had already gone for more than two hours. At present, the person with the highest cultivation was a student from Shuntian Prefecture’s Moonlight Academy.

When they discovered after the measurement that this person was already a level-11 grand spiritual cultivator, everybody sighed with emotion.

This young man only looked to be in his early 30s. To people in the Six Prefectures, he was truly a young man.

“Jiaqing Academy, Li Nanshen.” When the referee announced this name, everybody tensed up, their fingers involuntarily curling up.

Everybody looked vigilantly at Li Nanshen, who was striding forward quickly.

Qiao Mu turned around and saw Li Nanshen nod toward her amiably.

Qiao Mu thus also nodded at him in return before turning to look at the spiritual measuring stone.

This spiritual measuring stone was gleaming with a raven black light. It was inscribed with three crooked characters: spiritual measuring stone.

Li Nanshen walked up and hit the spiritual measuring stone with his palm.

When the entire spiritual measuring stone exploded with a powerful light, even the people in the back rows couldn’t help standing up agitatedly from their seats.

They remembered that Li Nanshen had already crossed into the ranks of level-10 grand spiritual cultivators during the last competition.

Would he also today…?

*Hum hum.* One horizontal line after another appeared on the spiritual measuring stone.

Everybody carefully counted downwards, and they discovered that 12 horizontal lines had appeared on the spiritual measuring stone.


Everybody froze, and several people in the front rows had jumped up. They hollered, “Level-12 grand spiritual cultivator!”

Oh my heavens!

This senior Li Nanshen from Jiaqing Academy actually had a rise in cultivation!

The level-10 grand spiritual cultivator from three years ago had advanced to a level-12 grand spiritual cultivator today!

This pace was too freaky.

He was able to increase his cultivation by two levels in three years?

What exactly did he eat while growing up?

Whose cultivation rose like this? For people like them with average natural endowments, they would spend their lifetime in low-leveled cultivation states.

Even if their cultivation did rise, it would happen over five to eight years. Wasn’t Li Nanshen’s speed at increasing cultivation too exaggerated?

This was a spiritual cultivator’s level advancement, not some minor mystic cultivator advancing a level in the Lower Star Domain!

Everybody silently lampooned before gazing at everybody else with bright eyes.

“Apex Academy, Duanmu Qing.”

The referee specially glanced at the people from Apex Academy.

It could not be denied that this group of students from Apex Academy was like a dark horse to them.

Could this group shine radiantly again this time during this test of cultivation?

Everybody had great expectations!


Everybody’s gazes landed on the expressionless little stoic.

This little stoic was so strong. Would her testing results blow them all away!

For some reason, they were actually looking forward to it!