Chapter 2021: No Such Thing

“Duanmu Qing, level-five spiritual cultivator.” This child was already a level-five spiritual cultivator at such a young age. It couldn’t be denied that he was truly a brilliant talent.

The referee who read out Duanmu Qing’s cultivation sized him up in particular with admiring eyes.

“Next, Apex Academy’s Ma Ta.”

Ma Ta walked up and hit the spiritual measuring stone with his palm. Two horizontal lines immediately showed up on his left side.

“Level-two spiritual cultivator.”

The little fatty, Kou Hongwen, was also a level-two spiritual cultivator.

As for Xuanxuan, her strike caused the spiritual measuring stone to display the characters ‘Mystic Level-15.’ The extra ‘mystic’ character in front meant that Xuanxuan had yet to enter the spiritual realm.

When it was Qiao Mu’s turn at last, everybody looked at her expectantly, which baffled the little fellow.

Those people’s excited gazes had been on her the whole time right from when they were lining up. It was as if they were gawking at some alien.

However, when her strike on the spiritual measuring stone produced three lines, those expectant little gazes suddenly turned into that of shock and suspicion.

It couldn’t be?

This little fellow who was so strong that she could instantly kill Zhao Li was, actually, actually just a level-three minor spiritual cultivator?

Frankly speaking, the majority of people present thought that even if Miss Qiao’s cultivation wasn’t as stupendous as Li Nanshen’s level-12 spiritual cultivation, it would at least be level eight or nine, right!

Yet in reality?

Everybody looked at her questioningly, and Miss Qiao also looked back at them bewilderedly.

She looked down at her smooth palm, and then eyed the spiritual measuring stone again. Afterwards, she regrouped with the others nonchalantly.

Some academies’ students couldn’t resist criticizing wildly in their minds: Did the mentors have to get so jittery when she was just a level-three minor spiritual cultivator? That they even went so far as to change the competition rules for this girl?

However, everybody automatically dismissed their misgivings when they recalled this girl’s talisman and medical skills.

This little lady’s level-three spiritual cultivation shouldn’t be considered low, right?

After all, she was studying both the art of the pill and the art of the talisman at the same time! Even so, her cultivation was still a good deal higher than normal people’s. This was truly commendable.

After thinking this way, their confused expressions gradually returned to normal.

Qiao Mu was unaware that the spectators’ thought processes were so full of twists and turns. When she discovered that these people stopped looking at her weirdly, she couldn’t care less about pursuing the matter.

The students from other academies, who did not get astounded by Apex Academy, included those whose cultivation outclassed Qiao Mu and company’s. When these people looked at Qiao Mu and company again, they felt like these fellows from Apex Academy didn’t seem so inconceivable anymore.

Qiao Mu naturally did not know that she was on a pedestal only long enough to walk a circle around it before she got kicked off again in contempt!

Even if she did know, she would probably have just laughed it off.


What the heck did cultivation amount to!?

Her strength was never dependent on her cultivation, okay?

Qiao Mu turned around and swept a gaze at everybody’s various expressions. She wrinkled her brows, but did not say anything.

The morning of the following day, everybody assembled at the Shenghua Battle Arena as usual and proceeded with the second component of the finals, testing their spiritual conscious.

Testing their spiritual conscious was comparatively a much easier task.

More than a hundred students sat down cross-legged on the stage in a meditative stance.

The referee then walked up and handed each person paper and brushes. He explained gently, “The spiritual conscious competition is very simple. Write down what you see on the roof of the house 500 meters east of here. You cannot discuss with each other when you write your answer on the paper.”

This was a test of their spiritual conscious.

Qiao Mu lifted up the brush to write, after which she soon set it down.