Chapter 2025: Second Aunt-Master

Yu Gui and them gave a helpless smile while standing to the side.

They had long known that their master was one who was quick to action. Sure enough, it had not even been two days since they sent the news back to Yang Xirong, and she had already hurried over by traveling day and night.

“Second Aunt-Master!” Qiao Mu’s petite hands touched Yang Xirong’s face that had gotten nipped by the cold night. She pulled her lips tight and felt her eyes tear up.

“My Qiaoqiao ah. Your face is so gaunt and skinny. You must have suffered a lot through these years!” Yang Xirong was nearly about to cry hugging the little fellow in her arms.

Qiao Mu was instantly at a loss for words.

How come every person who saw her said that she was skinny? Her petite face was clearly rather fleshy!

“Little Junior Sister!” The nearly 200 Holy Water Sect disciples who swarmed in from outside practically filled up the standing room inside the lobby.

The other guests was left speechless with wonder at this sight. They quickly slunk away up the stairs, afraid to stay there any longer.

“Senior Sister Yu Gui.” The little fellow turned to look at her.

Yu Gui patted her head and explained with a smile, “I naturally had to report such an important matter to Master. I did also expect that Master would definitely be unwilling to wait and would come personally.”

It was fine if she wanted to come. Little Junior Sister’s arrival was indeed something for all of them to be happy about.

Aunt Yi was wiping her tears on the side as she nodded repeatedly, “Xiao Qiaoqiao has already become a big girl. If Ah-Xun and Sect Master are looking down on us from Heaven, they would definitely have no regrets.”

“Aunt Yi, it’s a joyous day today, so let’s not talk about that.” Several Holy Water Sect disciples held back their tears and turned around to hug Aunt Yi’s shoulders with a smile.

Mo Lian, Feng Chen, and company had long gotten jostled away from Qiaoqiao by this time.

Seeing so many of Qiaoqiao’s family members, Feng Chen wiggled his eyebrows at Mo Lian. “Tut, Crown Prince Mo doesn’t have an easy path ahead of him in the future. I see that Qiaoqiao has quite a lot of aunties and sisters. If every single person plans to assess Crown Prince Mo, tut, tut, tut. It won’t be easy, won’t be easy at all!”

Stop rejoicing in other people’s misfortune! Mo Lian glared at him. He had originally wanted to walk a bit closer, but he got elbowed out by several emotional Holy Water Sect disciples.

Wifey! Crown Prince Lian reached out his paw and glanced sulkily toward his encircled wife.

He was originally going to carry his wife upstairs for sleep time. Yet so many Holy Water Sect disciples had just jumped in out of nowhere!

Sigh! Today, Qiaoqiao would definitely be catching up with them until dawn.

Qi Xuanxuan scratched her head and quickly walked out with Ma Ta and them to make room for the sisters from the Holy Water Sect.

Seeing how delighted Qiaoqiao was, and how it seemed a fire had lit up in everybody’s eyes, they could tell that these passionate feelings were not something that had been nurtured in a short amount of time.

“Second Aunt-Master, you have also gotten a lot skinnier.” Qiao Mu sighed gently as she placed her petite hand on Yang Xirong’s icy cheek.

She remembered the first time she saw Second Aunt-Master was at the sect’s entrance examination.

It was already evening, and Second Aunt-Master was wearing radish-purple clothes with several eye-catching purple bamboo leaves embroidered on the ends of her skirt. She walked over with a smile and looked to be 26 or 27, the prime of one’s beauty. She was much more plump than how she was right now.

This was the first time they met again after many years.

Second Aunt-Master’s brows were characterized by the vicissitudes of life, and her eyes which used to love smiling had now become sedate.

Second Aunt-Master was no longer the senseless Second Aunt-Master whom Murong Xun would chase about the peaks to give a beating to.