Chapter 2027: Setting Foot into the Paradise

“You can’t go wrong with listening to Aunt-Master! We’re not from a poverty-stricken family that requires us to get married early due to financial circumstances!” Yang Xirong declared with a snort, “You can’t get married so early. Crown Prince of the Mo Kingdom, don’t think that a randomly-performed marriage ceremony without Qiaoqiao’s elders around her can confirm this marriage!”

Qiao Mu blinked her eyes and tugged on Second Aunt-Master’s sleeve.

Crown Prince Mo pulled his lips into a line and clarified solemnly, “Second Aunt-Master, Qiaoqiao and I had held a grand wedding ceremony with the consent and blessings of both our parents! Qiaoqiao has already been added to our Mo Clan’s genealogical record.”

In other words, can you not stir up trouble?

“What!” Yang Xirong was even more incensed. She exclaimed while shaking her head in denial, “I don’t believe it! Can Qiaoqiao’s parents be so muddle-headed? Qiaoqiao is still so young. Where is the hurry to marry her off so quickly?”

“You brat must have used some underhanded methods!” Yang Xirong was spot on...

Crown Prince Mo’s handsome face had totally darkened!

“Qiaoqiao, tell Aunt-Master how did you end up getting married to him?”

“Hubby said...”

Mo Lian whisked next to Qiaoqiao at lightning speed and pulled her petite body out from Yang Xirong’s arms. “Qiaoqiao, there is no need to divulge all our private talk between husband and wife to Second Aunt-Master.”

You’ve got to be joking. If Yang Xirong found out that he had coaxed the little fellow into agreeing for Royal Father to issue a marriage edict, this Second Aunt-Master would surely explode like an ignited firecracker!

Qiaoqiao was such an honest child. She would be frank when answering all that Second Aunt-Master asked. There was no doubt that she would spill all the beans!

Qiao Mu blinked, and she nodded obediently.

Yang Xirong was so fuming mad while standing on the side that her head was giving off smoke. “Crown Prince of the Mo Kingdom!”

“Second Aunt-Master! You can just call me Xiao Mo.”

The heck with Xiao Mo!

Yang Xirong reached over in a huff and pulled Qiao Mu over to her side. She persuaded earnestly, “Qiaoqiao ah, you are still young, so you must not fall for other people’s tricks. Honestly tell Aunt-Master, did the old king of the Mo Kingdom issue a marriage edict?”

Qiao Mu’s eyes lit up, and she was just about to nod her petite head.

Yet Mo Lian hastily pulled her back to his side and reminded, “Qiaoqiao, you said that you wanted to switch spots before continuing to talk. Look, it’s so cramped here. One room can’t fit this many people.”

Indeed, a good many senior sisters were even standing on the bed...

“Xuanxuan! Hongwen.”

“Over here, we’re outside!” Qi Xuanxuan’s voice traveled through the crowd.

Qiao Mu’s eyes flickered, and she said with a muffled cough, “I’m going to bring you guys somewhere.”

“Ah? Where.” Everybody was momentarily confused as to where she was talking about, and they gazed at her curiously.

Qiao Mu communicated with the water child.

A nimble water fog came out of her body and instantly wrapped around the bodies of everybody present.

In the blink of an eye, everybody felt the scenery in front of them change, and a phenomenal transformation had taken place.

If not for the fact that they could feel the sensation of treading upon soft green grass and smell the sweet fragrance of the woods, they would really think that they were dreaming!

“Holy sh*t, this, this... this is a secret inheritance realm, the likes of a grotto-heaven or immortal abode?”

“Wow! So many huge peaches!” Qi Xuanxuan’s devilish outcry came from the distance, pulling Yang Xirong’s and the others’ frozen souls back to reality.

Everybody gave a jolt and stared at their surroundings in amazement.