Chapter 2031: Ruining the Mood

If his Qiaoqiao was in such a good mood every day, he wouldn’t have to worry.

The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal turned to Mo Lian. “Cough, what is this about the Holy Water Sect?”

The crown prince gave him the side-eye: Would I tell you about Qiaoqiao’s affairs? Don’t even dream about it!

The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal was a bit miffed as he glared at him. “Petty!”

So what if he was petty! Was he going to go around broadcasting his wife’s affairs? And especially to his potential love rival? Ha ha!

“If you want to know, fine. You have to tell me what exactly were the three wealth, power, and lust trials you experienced in the Punishment Area’s illusory matrix back then!” Mo Lian glanced at Feng Chen.

“In your dreams!” Feng Chen of course wouldn’t tell this fellow what he had encountered in the illusory matrix back then.

If he said it, said that...

Feng Chen harrumphed and walked off with a flick of his sleeves.

Crown Prince Mo stood behind him and calmly watched him go with a slight curl of his lips.

Feng Chen ah, Feng Chen. Could you have possibly experienced the same illusion as me?

After navigating on the sea for a while, Qiao Mu and everybody else felt that it was almost time, so they exited together.

Yang Xirong and them naturally had to go out too.

After all, many guests had seen their party of 200 come travel-weary to find Qiaoqiao at the inn last night.

If they didn’t come down in the morning and just vanished into thin air, it would be too freakish.

*Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!*

The people in the lobby looked toward the stairs when they heard people making their way down.

Their eyeballs nearly popped out at what they saw.

F*ck, where did so many pretty and charming young ladies come from?!

They each had a pure and refined air about them. It would not be an exaggeration to call them celestials who had descended to the mortal world.

Yang Xirong swept a cold look at the men whose gazes were fixed on the young ladies from the Holy Water Sect.

Qi Xuanxuan shuffled down the stairs and called out, “Innkeeper! Two pots of hot porridge!”

“Ah, alrighty! Miss, will two pots of porridge be enough for so many of you!”

“It’ll be enough! Just serve that.” Qi Xuanxuan waved off his concern.

Don’t kid. The two pots of porridge were only for appearances. They had long eaten a hearty breakfast on Paradise Planet, so they weren’t hungry at all right now!

“Waiter, do you have vacant rooms?” An arrogant female voice came from outside the inn.

Afterwards, a group of people filed in. The one in the lead was a tall woman wearing a pink dress, with only a sheer shawl covering her half-revealed shoulders.

This woman looked extremely voluptuous.

When she walked in, the men in the lobby all gulped, their eyes glued to her body.

The woman did not take offense and was rather delighted at having drawn the attention of all the men present. She giggled, and tossed her handkerchief lightly. The thin and supple silk handkerchief flitted past several men’s noses like a flitting butterfly.

Those people all showed lustful expressions as they took a deep breath before exhaling.

“What are they doing?” The little stoic’s indifferent question promptly made the people present twitch their mouths.

Here it is, here it is again.

The group of Holy Water Sect disciples who knew their little junior sister’s ways all too well were hurting from holding back their laughter.

It had to be said that this child was someone who naturally ruined the mood!