Chapter 2032: Savior

The woman glared over at where this rude comment came from, but she promptly neglected the little stoic’s frosty face.

Her eyes was only full of several peerlessly handsome men…

The little stoic suddenly stuck out two fingers.

Yang Xirong, who was standing next to her, noticeably twitched her mouth.

Sure enough, her little martial niece used her fingers to measure the distance between their eyes. Afterwards, she asked puzzledly, “How come she’s not looking at me?”

“Pfft.” Qi Xuanxuan truly couldn’t hold it back anymore and laughed out loud.

How come she felt that Qiaoqiao’s words and actions were so funny?

Qiao Mu was baffled.?She was clearly the one who said something, so this woman clearly meant to glare at her. How come her gaze had drifted elsewhere?

The little fellow raised her head, and suddenly flared up. She automatically moved in front of Mo Lian and shouted, “Who let you look at my hubby!! I’ll gouge out your eyes if you keep looking!”

Everyone: …

“Qiaoqiao, this female lecher has also taken a fancy to me!!” Feng Chen tugged at her sleeve aggrievedly, which caused Crown Prince Mo to turn around and glare at him contemptuously.

This darn guy was pretending to be young in front of his wife again!

Qiao Mu took another step to the side and stood in front of Feng Chen. She glowered at that woman and shouted, “What’re you looking at?!”


Everyone: …

You’re not actually blocking him at all, you know that?

That stature of yours couldn’t block two men’s faces!

Yang Xirong’s brows jerked inexplicably. “Qiaoqiao.”

“Aunt-Master.” Qiao Mu turned to look at her and declared unhappily, “I don’t want to eat porridge anymore! Let’s just go.”

She didn’t like letting other people look at her Lian.

In any case, everybody already had full bellies, so that white porridge didn’t rouse their appetite at all.

Therefore, everybody immediately followed her lead and agreed with repeated nods. “Let’s go!”

“We have to hurry over quickly! The people from the other academies might already all be there,” the little fatty said with a smile.

“Mhm, mhm. Let’s go! Today is the last round. We must strive to achieve third place!”

“Why do you have such a small goal!”

“Lu Yu isn’t wrong. You shouldn’t aim too high.” Mentor Zhou analyzed, “If we can get third place in today’s component, I believe that there is still a chance for us to go to Blinsheet Island.”

“Stop right there!!” The woman who got completely ignored suddenly screeched at everybody’s backs and darted to the entrance!

She was so d*mn angry!

Were these people blind? Why were every single one of them acting like they didn’t see her existence?

They actually wanted to go around her to exit?

“Ah! You, you, aren’t you that young esteemed one with noble character and sterling integrity!” A voice cut off the woman’s screech.

A person suddenly popped out from behind that woman and strode up to Qiao Mu. She suddenly grasped Qiao Mu’s tightly and swung it vigorously as she exclaimed with starry eyes, “Savior, I truly am too happy to be able to encounter you here! Would you allow me to treat you to a meal today?”

Qiao Mu gazed blankly at the woman in front of her. She could not remember at all when she had met this person!

Qi Xuanxuan couldn’t resist twitching her mouth. She walked up to Qiao Mu and explained, “This is Fairy Huanghe, whom we met in the Lava Mountain Range.”

“Right, right, right, right.” Fairy Huanghe pronounced excitedly, “You can just call me Xiao Huanghe.”


Everybody exchanged speechless looks. They were momentarily at a loss for words.