Chapter 2036: So Disgusting

While everybody was embroiled in a bloody battle, the little fellow’s mind had wandered off. She was planning on having Crown Prince Mo make a ring that could project a virtual environment for her to play with.

In the future, she wanted to make other people enter a virtual environment for practical training at the drop of a hat too.

*Poof!* Duanmu Qing struck away a blood bat that had flown in his face, and it crumbled into powder in the air.

“Qiaoqiao, focus.” Duanmu Qing helplessly pulled down her sleeve, which finally brought a certain person whose head was in the clouds back to reality.

“Qiaoqiao, these blood… ah, sh*t, are coming back!” After kicking a blood bat to the ground, Qi Xuanxuan cleanly chopped it down with her sword.

“Qiaoqiao, do you think these blood bats are the birds we are supposed to catch?”

“They shouldn’t be, right?” Qiao Mu blinked. In her impression, shouldn’t birds be colorful and delicate, and also extremely cute!

These blood bats were most likely an obstacle inside the testing environment.

“Everybody, advance together! Don’t just stand there doing nothing!” Captain Shan of Yuchuan Prefecture’s Shuangfeng Academy uncontrollably yelled at the people who had still not joined battle.

These people naturally included a certain Miss Qiao who was leisurely watching the racket.

A certain Qiao glanced at Shuangfeng Academy’s Captain Shan and then turned her petite head aside.

However, Captain Shan’s holler did incite the people from the other academies to start fighting. The group of people was engaged in a life-and-death battle with the blood bats that were endlessly swarming out from deep inside the cave.

Qiao Mu tagged along beside Duanmu Qing, Lu Yu, and her other teammates. She would occasionally assist, flinging out two or three thin needles, or raising her arm to shoot crow-gold arrows.


Yet most of the time, she was only a onlooker.

If everyone had gotten dog-tired from expending their spiritual energy to fight the blood bats, then this little lady had probably not even expended a tenth of what other people had.

Numerous blood bats were heaped beside the group, and they dyed the chilly water stream into a meandering river of blood.

Everybody felt extremely uncomfortable from the muddy sensation underfoot.

It was so uncomfortable!

Miss Qiao raised her petite foot and furrowed her brows at the mud on it. She tried to scrape it off on the rock wall next to her.

She had originally planned to leap up, but she inexplicable got restricted by gravity and stood grounded.

Oh so this testing environment was also an area with hypergravity.

Qiao Mu expressionlessly mused as she waddled deep into the cave with Duanmu Qing and the others.

She hated this kind of pitch-black and gloomy place the most.

Qiao Mu pulled out two night luminous pearls from her inner world, one in each hand. She asked irritably, “When can we leave this place?”

The people who were fighting the blood bats nearly got angered to laughter when they turned to look at her.

Never mind the fact that this imp wasn’t killing the bats, she was even scraping the mud off the bottom of her shoe in distaste while only walking on rocks that protruded from the ground.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you killing the bats?” A female disciple from Celestial Light Academy couldn’t help but snap.

They were both girls, yet why could the other girl just go along with the flow and attack several bats when she felt like it and completely refuse to do so when she didn’t?

While she had gotten so discomposed fighting a dozen blood bats that were attacking her.

Hence, this psychological gap made her yell out loud at Qiao Mu.

Qiao Mu looked at the blood bats that had congregated into a colony. “Will killing them give points?”

“Of course not!”