Chapter 2045: Only Holding Her Gave Him Peace of Mind

They didn’t know if these explosion birds would affect that fairyland paradise negatively.

They didn’t want these disgusting explosion birds to randomly ruin that otherworldly paradise with their chaotic detonations. That would be so distressing.

“It’s fine.” Qiao Mu gave Duanmu Qing and them a reassuring look. She then communicated with Xiaoxiao once more, and with a wave of her hand, she mobilized her spiritual conscious to unceasingly take all the explosion birds into the paradise’s Hundred Poisons Valley.

The explosion birds were about to mass detonate at the instantaneous change of environment, but they then saw a dense group of poison-tailed butterflies swarm toward them frenziedly and besiege them.

Qiao Mu was still worried, so she enveloped the entire vicinity of the Hundred Poisons Valley in her spiritual conscious.

The moment Xiaoxiao was unable to suppress these explosion birds, causing them to go berserk, she would at most just require expending a larger amount of spiritual conscious to make them submit.

However, overexpending her spiritual conscious would be extremely taxing on her mental energy in the short term.


On the other side.

The pitiful He Jiao was shaking all over, as if he was suffering from a bout of epilepsy. All his limbs were flailing from the subjugation of Mo Lian’s soul searching.

Not long afterwards, Mo Lian tossed away the man in his hand like trash. He didn’t even spare a glance at the latter who was dumbly foaming at the mouth.

He directly sucked the spiritual tool ring on Hong Chi’s finger into his palm.

He threw out a bronze cauldron from his inner world and promptly sucked the ring inside. He pressed down lightly on the cauldron and produced a thread of black flame.

Everybody then saw a black flame shoot out from the bottom of the bronze cauldron. The ambient temperature rose sharply, as if set ablaze.

The mentors from the other academies could only be speechless at his movements.

Even Mentor Zhou Danjin and them were a bit taken aback.

Only Yu Gui, Chen Hanzi, and the people from Holy Water Sect were composed.

They had long known that the crown prince had peerless forging skills. Even his defective golems back in the day were able to give them martial sisters a good whupping…

It was only just reforging this spiritual tool ring. Was there a problem?

After 10 minutes, he suddenly struck open the bronze cauldron’s lid, and steam came billowing out from the opening. A bright gold little ring also got ejected from within.

Crown Prince Mo pinched it between his fingers as if pinching an ant. There was a chilliness pervading his handsome face.

After he gave a hard pinch, everybody apprehensively heard a slight crack.

Afterwards, they could hear Qi Xuanxuan, You Xin, and the other students’ shouts of “Oh my, goodness.”

Qiao Mu and everybody else got caught off guard. They felt as if the testing environment had smacked them out with a mallet, and they dropped onto the stage in pairs and trios.

Mo Lian’s slender figure darted forward and appeared beside Qiao Mu. He drew her into his arms. “Qiaoqiao.”

He heaved a light sight of relief and stroked the hair at her temples. He asked her with a gentle gaze, “Did you get hurt?”

“Nope.” Qiao Mu grabbed his fingers. Just now, Mo Lian was too anxious and had directly smacked open the hot cauldron lid with his hand, which ended up burning his fingers.

“Are you silly? What can happen to me.” Qiao Mu glared at him gruffly.

“Mhm. I was just worried about my Qiaoqiao.” He patted her gently while hugging her.

What to do? It seemed like he only had peace of mind when holding her…