Chapter 2052: Massive Cleanup (1)

Everybody jumped off the dragon’s back and snuck into the dense forest on Wuwang Mountain.

“Master.” Tung, who had come on Mo Lian’s secret orders, appeared noiselessly in front of everyone and bowed respectfully to Mo Lian. “Please follow this subordinate.”

Dao Wuji and the rest immediately got the hint.

Evidently, their boss had already dispatched people to put the people on this mountain under surveillance before bringing them here.

Without another word, Tung familiarly led Mo Lian and company to Clear Sky Gorge’s entrance and pointed below at the lush gorge. “This is it. It is only about three hundred feet to Fan Qiuhe’s courtyard after entering through here.”

Mo Lian nodded, after which he swept a glance at Tung. “Pass on my orders, kill all people in the gorge on the spot!”

Tung did not ask anything and merely said “understood” with cupped fists. Afterwards, he beckoned to a group of young men in black who darted out from the dense forest. They crept toward the rear court, where the majority of Clear Sky Gorge disciples were gathered.

Soon, Mo Lian’s group could hear thunderous shouts and sounds of slaughter from afar.

Qiao Mu squinted her eyes coldly and told Crown Prince Mo in a low voice, “When we find Fan Qiuhe, leave him completely to me.”

“Okay.” Mo Lian nodded without saying anything.

They charged into Clear Sky Gorge and followed the mountainous path to the courtyard Tung had identified.

Before they reached the courtyard, Qiao Mu saw a black figure jump over the walls and swiftly dart deep into the woods.

Humph!?Qiao Mu snorted and set several dozen poison-tailed butterflies on the person’s tail.

He was still thinking of fleeing at this point in time!

This Fan Qiuhe really was getting more and more spineless!

Qiao Mu darted past a bed of flowers and caught up to Fan Qiuhe with several leaps.

When she looked closely, she discovered that this guy had lost his left leg, sure enough. This also made fleeing very inconvenient for him.

He was putting most of his weight on a pitiful metal crutch.

His eyes were inverted triangles like those of snakes as they stared venomously at Qiao Mu.

“Why do you keep targeting me over and over again!” Fan Qiuhe suddenly could not hold it in anymore and shouted.

“Lian, help me capture Fan Gu that old hag.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, with me here, she definitely won’t escape.” Mo Lian nodded and turned to hurry over to the source of the commotion with the Little Despot, Feng Chen, and the others.

As the person in charge of Clear Sky Gorge, Fan Gu would definitely rush to the disciples’ courtyard to investigate what happened to cause such an incident.

Because Qiao Mu was busy dealing with the person on hand, she was momentarily unable to attend to Fan Gu.

Fan Qiuhe’s eyes flickered when he saw everybody run off from Qiao Mu’s side. His lips cracked into a demonic smile.

“Qiao Mu, you are too full of yourself!”

If Crown Prince Mo didn’t leave, he would still have some trepidation about her, but leaving Qiao Mu alone here right now, he really didn’t know whether to laugh at her naivety or Crown Prince Mo’s overconfidence in Qiao Mu!

“You can keep me here with just you?” Fan Qiuhe sniggered.

Unfortunately, just as he was about to activate the defensive boundary, he saw 60 ebony talismans suddenly appear around him.


Fan Qiuhe was dumbstruck!

There had clearly been nothing around him just now. How did so many talismans appear around him in the blink of an eye?