Chapter 2057: Qiaoqiao’s Revenge (2)

Tung shoved Fan Gu and ordered coldly, “Did you not hear what the crown prince consort said? Do it.”

Fan Gu knelt in front of the bed while holding the iron hook. She shivered and breathed raggedly as she turned to look at Qiao Mu with terror.

Qiao Mu sauntered over to Fan Gu and suddenly bent down to say into her ear, “I know that you have a daughter living inside Shuntian Prefecture. She is around four to five years older than me, right?”

Fan Gu stiffened reflexively. When she turned her head, she could even feel her neck creaking like a golem’s.

Qiao Mu seized her messy hair and forced her to face the ceiling. Because of this ruthless yank, her scalp felt even more painful.

“If you want your darling daughter to live, then obediently do as I say!” Qiao Mu pushed her to the iron bed and straightened up again. She stared icily at that old woman and uttered, “Cut open his chest and take out his guts. Help him savor these never felt-before sensations.”

Fan Gu’s hands shook fiercely while she was still holding the hook. She turned and shouted nearly maniacally, “Miss, Miss Qiao! No, Crown Prince Consort, Crown Prince Consort!! I beg you to please forgive me and my nephew! I swear, I swear to never cause you any trouble again! I beg you to please let us off! We can go into seclusion and never appear before you again!”

Qiao Mu stared at her icily, her eyes devoid of any warmth. “Hear my order, go to the prefecture city of Shuntian Prefecture, Ping’an Street, Willow Lane, number seven…”

“No!! No!” Fan Gu started trembling fiercely, and her hands shook even more so. “No, don’t capture my daughter! Don’t! She is only a normal person! She knows nothing! She is innocent, she is…”

“Shut up!” Qiao Mu ordered angrily!

She gave Fan Gu’s incredibly swollen face a heavy slap.

Because of the severe burns from the black fire earlier, her face looked particularly grotesque right now.

“You have the gall to discuss innocence with me?”

Could it be that—

She, Qiao Mu, wasn’t innocent? Her mother wasn’t innocent? Her younger brother and younger sister weren’t innocent? Their whole family wasn’t innocent!!

What crime did she commit? Who did she provoke and whose path did she obstruct?

Why should she be like an ant that they could crush as they pleased and follow through with the miserable life they had planned out for her?

She had only wanted the slightest ray of sunlight back then, yet she did not get anything at all!

Was she wrong in wanting to reverse her destiny?

She wanted a restart. What was wrong with wanting to torment the people who had hurt her, ruined her, and destroyed her?

It was karma!

You reaped what you sowed!

Everything was all due to the original sin they had committed!

Only by torturing them could she exterminate the mental demons haunting her nightmares in both her lifetimes!

Only then could she answer to those innocent lives in her previous life…

Go die!!

The wood spirit in Qiao Mu’s hand morphed into a vine whip laden with barbs, and she struck Fan Gu’s body with it by flicking her wrist. “The sins you committed in your past life, you must pay for every single one in this life! No one can avoid it, no one can escape from it!”

“When I climbed up from hell, I told myself that no one could tyrannize me in this lifetime!”