Chapter 2059: Mo Lian’s Pain

It didn’t take long for Fan Qiuhe to completely turn into a living monster, completely casting off the outer form of a human.

Mo Lian stared frigidly at this monstrosity and uttered in an ice-cold voice, “You look too disgusting!”

“Kill him!” At Mo Lian’s order, the Little Despot snapped his fingers, and a colossal palm formed by rocks smacked down on Fan Qiuhe.

*Boom!!* All of Fan Qiuhe’s tentacles got squashed into mincemeat, and he got assaulted by immense pain, howling with tragic screams.

Fan Gu slumped limply to the floor.

She didn’t expect these young people to be so horrifyingly powerful.

She still wasn’t able to escape from this dungeon even after administering Fan Qiuhe her strongest drug!

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me! Your Highness the Crown Prince! It has nothing to do with me. We were also acting at someone else’s request! Crown Prince Consort! Crown Prince Consort…”

Qiao Mu was unwilling to keep listening to her and turned around to leave this dingy dungeon.

Mo Lian naturally wasn’t going to stop her. He wanted Qiaoqiao to leave this filthy place quickly and stay away as far as possible!

“Crown Prince Consort! Let me off! Crown Prince Consort!” Fan Gu cried in anguish as she dropped to the floor and shuffled forward, but the Peony Immortal kicked her back to the iron bed.

“Oh my, stop shouting. The sound is hurting this immortal’s hears!”

Mo Lian swept Fan Gu a chilly look. He was silent for a moment before speaking indifferently, “Don’t worry, I guarantee that you both will spend the remainder of your lives very well.”

He casually tossed out his bronze cauldron, and a gust of wind swept past Fan Gu’s head.

Fan Gu gave a jolt, and then she let out a exceedingly tragic scream…

A cluster of black fire immolated Fan Gu and Fan Qiuhe’s bodies as Mo Lian’s icy voice rang out without warmth, “Remember to seek out the right enemy in hell. Mo Lian of the Divine Province will always be ready for your revenge.”

“But unfortunately…”?People without souls or consciousness couldn’t even enter the 19 levels of hell, let alone reincarnate to seek him for revenge?

After a moment, two soul flames dropped into Mo Lian’s palm.

The Little Despot and the others accompanying Mo Lian couldn’t control their hearts from shuddering.

This cruel guy had actually refined these two spiritual cultivators directly. He was planning to… create golem puppets?

As it was his second time doing it, Crown Prince Mo was obviously much more adept this time compared to the last time when he refined Liu Yizhi’s soul.

After leaving the dungeon, Mo Lian found his wifey by a lonely cliff in the Clear Sky Gorge.

It was already the beginning of December, with the deepest part of winter about to arrive. The trees had shed their leaves, and the scenery looked desolate.

His Qiaoqiao was just standing in the middle of this desolation, with her back to him as she stood by the cliff. Her pale-colored clothes fluttered in the wind.

It was unknown what she was thinking about. She had lifted her left hand and was staring at her palm.

Mo Lian walked over quietly but stopped several feet away from her.

Qiao Mu naturally heard his purposely audible footsteps.

She withdrew her gaze and looked up at the withering scenery. She said softly, “You know, I had been trying, trying hard not to let myself become the kind of person I despised most. I didn’t want to turn into a demon and become shameless like them. But just now… I threatened Fan Gu with her daughter. I made Fan Gu cut open her own nephew’s stomach and bloody her hands.”