Chapter 2061: I Have You!

Mo Lian, being able to meet you in this life! Is probably the luckiest thing in this lifetime of mine.

At that time, she was probably still struggling painfully in hell.

I have you!

I have you!

I have you!!

Miss Qiao nuzzled her petite head against his chest and nestled herself comfortably.

It was as if she was seeing herself lying in the dingy dungeon during those difficult times. She was looking blankly at the ceiling that did not see light and was feeling helpless.

It was as if she could hear Fan Gu’s high-pitched voice laughing harshly in her ears: “He’er, tomorrow I have to make a trip back to Willow Lane. I’ve been matchmaking for your cousin lately, ahahaha. There seems to be one family that is quite nice.”

She then heard Fan Qiuhe’s hearty laughter. “Then congratulations to Auntie! You’ll become a grandmother by next year.”

Marrying someone?

At that time, she could only stare blankly at that pitch-black dungeon ceiling while hearing the sound of rats squeaking. She asked herself again and again in her mind:?What was it like, to get married?

She really envied those people with intact limbs who could walk normally under the sunlight…

She envied Fan Gu’s daughter. She really, really envied her…

Mo Lian stroked her petite head, and his gaze went past Qiaoqiao’s black hair to Tung, who was standing in the distance.

He sent out a sharp and severe gaze to relay his order. The latter immediately understood and gesticulated before swiftly leaving with his men to carry out his order.

‘You not only have to cut the weeds but also dig up the roots. Fan Gu’s daughter has to die!’

His Highness the Crown Prince was evidently much more hardhearted than Qiaoqiao.

This man who had controlled the life and death of so many on Sikong Planet did not have an overly gentle or kind heart. No matter how soothing and harmonious he looked on the outside, his heart was ice-cold…

He was someone who could, for the sake of Mo Yu’s future and the Mo Kingdom’s stability and peace, heartlessly dispose of his eight-year-old nephew Mo Cheng [1. The son of the Mo Kingdom’s Eldest Prince.].

If not for Qiaoqiao’s sake, if not because Shu Quan was rather smart. Mo Cheng would already be dead by now.

He was different from Qiaoqiao.

If you cracked open Qiaoqiao’s ice-cold shell, you would find a softhearted little fellow inside who refused to come out of her snail shell no matter what.

In contrast, he was a man who was completely merciless from head to toe.

Never mind killing Fan Gu’s daughter which was of no consequence. For his Qiaoqiao, even if he had to kill a hundred, a thousand, or even turn into a demon, so what?

Qiao Mu looked up at Mo Lian and wrinkled her petite nose. “I’m hungry.”

A faint smile immediately surfaced on Mo Lian’s lips. He reached out to scoop up the little fellow by the waist. “What do you want to eat? I’ll cook for you.”

“Do you fancy snake meat?”

“Hiss!!”?You’re pissing off this snake darling!?The white snakelet raised up its tiny head and nuzzled its little master’s wrist. “Masta, Masta. Dragon meat is tasty, dragon meat is tasty!”

Qiao Mu flicked the white snakelet’s head gently and looked back at Mo Lian. Her large, watery eyes were shining brightly.

Mo Lian bent down to kiss her clear forehead. “Then how about we first find an inn to rest in. I’ll then cook you a sumptuous meal!”

“Okay.” Qiao Mu nodded. After sweeping her sleeve, several dozen explosion birds flew out of her Paradise Planet.

These little fellows who were attempting suicide every day only had a life span of three years. They were preparing for suicide every single day….

“Go ahead.” With a wave of Qiao Mu’s fingers, a flock of explosion birds scattered all over Wuwang Mountain’s Clear Sky Gorge.