Chapter 2072: Getting Hit On?

Wait a sec?

Who was gonna wait for you!

The bloodfire phoenix dove down and wickedly struck at the Vassal Prince of Jianping with his wings. This promptly sent him rolling to the foot of the table, where he hit his head on the tiled floor. This gave him a head injury.

“Vassal Prince!!”

“Vassal Prince—”

Everybody exclaimed in shock and stood up at once.

The Vassal Prince of Jianping was in an extremely flustered state at the moment. He had probably never experienced something so aggravating in his whole life. He huffed and puffed, and his originally refined facial features had now contorted considerably.

“You! You guys! The guts you have!”

*Slap!* The bloodfire phoenix’s claw smacked down on the Vassal Prince of Jianping’s head. Before he could finish berating them, the ancient phoenix had already sent the punk flying.

This time, he crashed into a table at which females were seated, which aroused a series of panicked screams.

*Flip, flop, flop.* The Vassal Prince of Jianping rolled out from in front of the tables of two females who had paled from fright. He sprawled on the ground expelling more air than he was taking in. He made a gurgling sound in his throat, but had already fainted.

Qiao Mu swept a look at the feast that was in disarray. She even took particular note of Geng Pengcheng’s darkened face.

The little fellow tugged at Mo Lian’s sleeve with her petite hand and asked, “Hubby, is he sick in the head?”

“Evidently.” Mo Lian held her hand and turned to leave.

Since they made each other so unhappy, what was the use of staying here?

“Wait!” Seeing that they were about to leave, Geng Pengcheng immediately thought of something and quickly turned to stride forward.

He had originally planned to block their way, but he then recalled how this young sir in ink-colored clothes had nearly smacked him away with a heavy force generated from flicking his sleeve.

His eyelid jerked uncontrollably, and he hastily shuffled backwards until there was ten feet between them. He cupped his hands with an obsequious smile and explained, “It was just a minor misunderstanding just now. The Vassal Prince of Jianping is an esteemed guest from the Divine Province, while you are guests this old man has invited. I hope that both parties will be able to get along harmoniously.”

Feng Chen couldn’t help but snigger. “Get along harmoniously? How harmonious can you get once you’re this beat up?”

“Prefecture Lord.” An aloof voice came from behind everyone.

Mo Lian and Qiao Mu looked up to see a woman in pink and green robes, adorned with a pair of hairpins with gold-plated tassels, walk over with mincing steps.

Her fair, lustrous skin was complemented by peachy cheeks, willowy brows, and cherry lips. She was a natural beauty.

However, her beautiful and fine looks were outclassed by the little stoic’s expressionless, almost puritanical face.

This stoic face did not need to show any expression. Just standing there was enough to make tens of thousands of girls in this world pale in comparison.

“Ah, it is Third Young Lady Mu.” Geng Pengcheng turned around and even courteously cupped his hands toward the woman with a chuckle. “Third Young Lady, there is nothing to worry about. These are young friends I have invited.”

Mu Rouke creased her brows and swept a glance at Qiao Mu. Her gaze seemingly paused when she got to Crown Prince Mo.

“This young sir, I seem to have seen before.”

Geng Pengcheng was startled, and he specially sized up Mo Lian.

He had been trying to investigate the backgrounds and identities of these people around Qiao Mu.

However, it was so strange. It seemed as if every time he reached the crucial point of the investigation, the information would get wiped out.

However, from the looks of it now, this man beside Qiao Mu was not ordinary, whether it be his identity or his cultivation.