Chapter 2073: Recognized

There was no ripple in Mo Lian’s expression. It was impossible to read anything from it.

On the other hand, Dao Wuji couldn’t resist laughing out loud. “Miss, this way of hitting on guys won’t work.”

Mu Rouke’s petite face flushed red slightly as she mumbled, “I, I wasn’t…”

She indeed wasn’t trying to hit on him. She truly seemed to have seen this man somewhere before!

She could swear on it. She had absolutely seen that man’s fine and exquisite brows before.

B-But where had she seen them?

She couldn’t recall at this moment.

“Vassal Prince, Vassal Prince!” The servants’ hollers brought Mu Rouke back to the present.

She walked up lithely and gave Geng Pengcheng a curtsy. “I will go see how the vassal prince is doing.”

“Okay, okay.” Geng Pengcheng was also somewhat helpless right now.

He had been watching Qiao Mu and her party’s attacks, and absolutely none of them had inflicted serious injury, but his dignity could be tossed all the way to the Wangchuan Sea.

The Vassal Prince of Jianping had clearly fainted from the ugly sight of himself…

“Geng Pengcheng, why exactly are you looking for me. Spit it out.” After such a farce, Qiao Mu did not feel like feigning politeness with this person anymore. She went straight to the point.

“Might you have some misunderstanding toward me, Miss?” Prefecture Lord Geng’s gaze flickered, and he said with a smile, “I indeed have a small matter to discuss, which is why I invited your Apex Academy here today.”

“This prefecture lord hopes to hire your academy’s mentors and students to work for our Shuntian Prefecture. The remuneration can be negotiated…”

Qiao Mu raised her hand to stop him with a cold face. “Geng Pengcheng, can you stop pretending. I don’t believe that you don’t know who I am. Just directly say what your purpose is in seeking me out today.”

Prefecture Lord Geng’s eyelid kept twitching as he thought:?If not for the numerous experts around you, I would have killed you here by now!

This d*mned little monster. He didn’t notice that he had actually allowed her to grow up to this extent from a lapse of attention.

“Vassal Prince.” Mu Rouke lightly pressed against the Vassal Prince of Jianping’s chest and helped him sit up. “Is the vassal prince alright?”

The Vassal Prince of Jianping exhaled deeply and and then seemed to have thought of something, upon which his entire face turned sullen.

“Where are they! Are you all dead or what?” Mo Kun shouted furiously, “You don’t know how to seize those people for this vassal prince?!”

Everybody looked at each other in dismay, feeling unsettled.

That stoic-faced little lady had flung out an ancient phoenix and then a white snake. Even the vassal prince wasn’t the little lady and her party’s match!

What would hopeless small fry like them be able to do by charging at them?

Wasn’t the result just getting violently thrashed!

Mo Kun didn’t care what these people thought, and he kicked a trusted aide in the butt. “Go! If you can’t capture them, use your blades! This vassal prince will be responsible if you end up killing them!”

“Wait!!” A spark of enlightenment flashed past Mu Rouke’s mind, and she suddenly jumped up to block in front of the servants. She shouted, “No, you can’t!”

She finally remembered where she had seen this handsome man whom she seemed to have met before.

In the palace!

That day when the emperor was choosing a consort for the crown prince, she had walked past a room and caught a fleeting glimpse of the crown prince’s portrait.

He was as graceful as jade, his posture as upright as bamboo. He commanded an innate elegance.

It was as if the myriad vocabulary in this world could not describe that man in the portrait.

The crown prince of the Divine Province, Mo Lian!