Chapter 2075: Are You an Idiot?

This sudden assassination was targeting Prefecture Lord Geng and his madam, so it didn’t have much to do with Qiao Mu and company.

They watched on coolly as Geng Pengcheng and his madam fought a battle of life and death with the assassins that jumped down from the high walls. Qiao Mu and the others stopped what they were doing and sauntered over to a suitable distance to watch.

In any case, they were trying to assassinate the prefecture lord couple, so it had nothing to do with them.

Why should they interfere in a baffling assassination?

The Prefecture Lord and his madam were retreating as they fought. They soon got encircled by that group of assassins.

Qiao Mu felt like everything that was happening was rather farcical.

From the fact that those assassins could so easily jump down from the walls, and hence could smoothly make their way around the Shuntian Prefecture’s official mansion, clearly demonstrated that this Shuntian Prefecture’s defense was not worth a mention.

Could Geng Pengcheng and the Passionless Palace’s palace master have such trashy combat prowess?

They were unable to retaliate against a group of random assassins?

What awful acting skills!

Qiao Mu pursed her lips and looked down at her Mo Lian. They communicated with a knowing look.

After silently making preparations for battle, Qiao Mu summoned the ferule from her conscious pool and grasped hold of it.

Sure enough, Prefecture Lord Geng issued an order, upon which many Shuntian Prefecture guards rushed inside. They started fighting with that group of assassins.

Suddenly, the sound of something whizzed through the air.

Mo Lian did not even raise his head as he swiftly leaped up onto Seventh Yan’s back with Qiao Mu in his arms.

The gold dragon directly transformed into his beast form in mid-air. With a twist, the dragon’s tail struck the roof, and a large swath of tiles shattered, sprinkling down.

In the blink of an eye, Geng Pengcheng’s expression changed drastically.

He truly didn’t expect two ancient sacred beasts, a dragon and a phoenix, to be accompanying this young couple.

No wonder the people he dispatched had all vanished like rocks sinking in the sea. They had probably all been disposed of in secret!

It turned out that the beasts accompanying these two people had such impressive strength.

Geng Pengcheng was silent for a moment and then gave the head guard a furtive look.

The latter understood and shouted out loud, “There has been a vile assassination attempt on the official mansion. Everyone present is temporarily prohibited from leaving! Once investigation is over can…”

*Swish!* An arrow shot through that person’s chest from the air.

The head guard was stunned as he looked down at his cheest. He looked up in surprise at the young girl wielding a bow and arrow on the dragon’s back and then fell backwards with a flop.

Heavens, he hadn’t even finished talking!

The head guard died while nursing this grievance. He still didn’t understand in death what exactly had happened.

*Swish. Swish, swish!* Without a word, Qiao Mu used her crow repeating crossbow to shoot out multiple arrows at the people wearing Shuntian Prefecture’s guard uniform.

Following her example, the Little Despot and the others also killed the Shuntian Prefecture guards that were trying to surround them.

The scene had momentarily descended into chaos.

Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord Geng Pengcheng was a bit stupefied, and he promptly roared in chagrin, “What are you two doing? This old man has invited your Apex Academy to a feast with good intentions, yet this is what you do in return?”

What did you people want by indiscriminately starting to kill Shuntian Prefecture’ guards!?

Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord Geng Pengcheng was spitting fire from his eyes as he glowered ruthlessly at Qiao Mu and her party.

Qiao Mu curled her lips into a snigger. “Geng Pengcheng, are you an idiot?”