Chapter 2076: You’ve Been Seen Through!

Everybody turned to look at the stoic-faced little lady, speechless.

For some inexplicable reason, they thought the little stoic standing high up on the dragon’s back and looking down at the people below made a funny sight.

“You think other people are as dumb as you?”

“Both of these groups are your men.” Qiao Mu stated coldly as she looked at those “assassins” who were presently swinging their blades.

“They’re even using the same blades!”

Can you be a bit more attentive when you’re arranging an act?”

Don’t you think there is a big problem with your intelligence being seen through at a glance like this?”

Everybody couldn’t help but turn and look when they heard what Qiao Mu said.

Sure enough, they speechlessly discovered the “assassins” who shot arrows at them and then jumped down to surround them were using the same make of blades as the official mansion’s guards…

Geng Pengcheng couldn’t help jerking the corner of his eye. He looked up and glowered at Qiao Mu. “You’re just being crafty! No need to say anymore. You must have brought these assassins over.”

Y-You are now even sl-slandering this prefecture lord! Don’t you dream of blaming it on this prefecture lord!” Shuntian Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord Geng Pengcheng ordered wrathfully, “Men, go seize them.”

In an instant, a large number of guards rushed out from the corners of the courtyard. They each shot something into the air from the tube-shaped weapons they were holding.

Each tube shot out a bundle of fine nets. What was awe-inspiring was that once these hundreds upon thousands of fine nets unfurled in the air, they joined together seamlessly into a huge, omnipresent net that blotted the sky and covered the earth.

Ha ha!

Qiao Mu sneered:?So he was waiting for her here!

It appears that Prefecture Lord Geng and his minions had rehearsed this capture operation multiple times.

Otherwise, how could they have coordinated so well?

The first step, unctuously inviting her to a feast at the official mansion.

The second step, act out an assassination with the guards’ counterattack.

The third step was the climax—directly abandoning all pretenses and capturing her.

Tsk! You think these lousy nets forged from special material were able to catch her?

*Clang!* Qiao Mu shot an arrow at the net, but it nearly rebounded back at her.

Qiao Mu looked up at the huge gray net overhead and then shrunk into Mo Lian’s arms. She whined in a huff, “Hubby, this darn net rebounded my crow-gold arrow.”

It really was tough!

Mo Lian responded by producing two clusters of black sacred fire at his fingertips. “We’ll just burn it then.”

The two wispy clusters of black fire landed on the humongous net blotting out the sky overhead. Geng Pengcheng did not even have the chance to proudly admire the fruits of his work when he saw the net being enveloped in black flames.

The strong net that had rebounded the crow-gold arrow soon melted into droplets after getting burned by the black fire.

Crown Prince Mo’s eyes lit up, and he instantly took out a porcelain bottle to collect those droplets.

“This tempered fluid, complemented by the glacial star sand, will definitely be able to forge your ferule into a divine weapon.”

After saying this, Crown Prince Mo furrowed his brows in vexation. “But my bronze cauldron is a bit too lousy. It can’t sustain the forging of divine weapons. It might possibly explode midway!”

The little fellow quickly asked, “Are there any good forging cauldrons?”

“If we’re talking about good forging cauldrons, the Wangchuan Cauldron is the most superb.”