Chapter 2077: Wifey Will Buy!

“It is said to be buried inside the Wangchuan Sea’s secret realm. Unfortunately, many people leave empty-handed from the secret realm.”

Mo Lian sighed with emotion, and then he added, “The forging cauldron ranked number two, the Sky-Forging Cauldron, is currently in the hands of a greatly reputed divine weapon engineer in the Divine Province. He will most definitely be unwilling to part with it.”

Qiao Mu blinked. “Who is he?”

“He is supposedly a descendant of Xuanji.” Mo Lian shook his head. “Very few people have seen him before. He is an elusive fellow who normally resides at the foot of the snowy mountains near the Wangchuan Sea. It is difficult to even find his whereabouts.”

“Oh.” Qiao Mu was contemplating.?That meant she couldn’t find him and beat him up soundly until he relinquished the Sky-Forging Cauldron!

After all, even Mo Lian said that his whereabouts were an enigma. It seemed like even locating him was a difficult task.

“In that case! We’ll have to keep looking. Is there no divine weapon about the same as the Sky-Forging Cauldron?”

“There is, but I reckon we’d have to go take a look in Divine Province’s Ghost Market.” Mo Lian winked at her. “Wife, once we go back, you’ll have to go with me to buy it. The things in the Ghost Market are so expensive! Sometimes, a tiny piece of forging material can get auctioned off at an astronomical price.”

“No problem.” Qiao Mu nodded. She gave off an air of “I’ll pay” and patted Mo Lian’s chest with her petite paw. “At that time, I’ll definitely buy you the best forging cauldron.”

“Mhm!” Mo Lian hugged the little fellow and nuzzled her face. “Qiaoqiao is so good to me.”

Geng Pengcheng, who was glaring at them from below, was probably exploding from anger by now.

How could there be such extremely shameless people in this world!?

Not only did he burn his huge net with a weird kind of fire, he also collected all the droplets that had generated as a result of it. He had now made it his! But even that was not the worst of it.

The most shameful thing was that this darned couple still had the cheek to laugh and be sappy in such a tense fighting atmosphere!

It was simply, simply shameful!

Geng Pengcheng hollered angrily, “Release the arrows!”

He didn’t hide it anymore. The black-clothed assassins from before took out the bows and arrows hanging at their waists. They drew their bows and rained arrows down on Qiao Mu and company.

The Little Despot, the Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal, and the others felt extremely powerful spiritual energy infused in the arrows flying at them, but these arrows infused with spiritual energy were like toys once they got to them. They simply grabbed a handful and snapped them like matchsticks.

“Abominable!” Geng Pengcheng had turned green from anger.

“Set up the array!” At his furious shout, the numerous assassins and guards mingled and slowly set up a large-scale array formation.

The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal, the Little Despot, and the others had long flown up into the air by now. They stepped on the back of other people’s heads to gain altitude.

“Tut, we won’t be playing with you any longer.” Feng Chen looked down at the people with a smile. With a flick of his sleeve, it felt as if peach blossoms from the entire world were drifting down.

It was as if everybody had entered a sea of pink flowers, and the drifting peach blossom petals filled their eyes.

This sight was simply so beautiful it bewitched the human reason.

For a moment, even Passionless Palace’s Palace Master Feng was entranced. She stopped and stared dazedly at the scene of flower petals dancing in the sky.


A horrific scream came from one person whose throat was foaming blood.

Alarmed, Madam née Feng immediately regained her senses. She quickly activated her defensive barrier and alerted, “Be careful!”