Chapter 2080: To Not Reciprocate Is Against Etiquette!

Mo Lian quickly caught her back in his arms and placated, “Don’t worry, I don’t have such a wimpy cousin!”

“I’ll immediately have him removed from the clan’s genealogical record after we return!” Crown Prince Mo whispered in her ear, “I definitely won’t allow my Qiaoqiao to be disgraced!”

Qiao Mu harrumphed. “Your relatives in the Divine Province won’t all be crackpots like this, right?”

Mo Lian: …

Why was he feeling depressed for some reason?

His wifey kept disdaining him!

“Th-They won’t, they won’t!” Mo Lian braced himself to say.

In reality, there were indeed a good several relatives in the Divine Province who were troublesome.

Mo Lian quickly grasped his wife’s petite hand. “Let’s not bother with them and go. Qiaoqiao, let’s talk about Divine Province’s Ghost Market…”

He was forcibly changing the topic!

The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal swept Mo Lian a look of contempt from the side.

Mo Lian naturally noticed Feng Chen’s glance. He also tossed back a cold look while Qiaoqiao wasn’t paying attention.

Their group descended from mid-air.

After some time, the huge net overhead had dissipated, and the fluid Mo Lian collected filled the porcelain bottle by more than half.

After putting away the porcelain bottle, Mo Lian walked out while holding Qiao Mu’s petite hand.

The sound of a sharp arrow leaving the bow came from behind the couple’s heads.

Yet Mo Lian didn’t even look back. He directly flung out a streak of purple fire, which zipped through the air like a miniature purple dragon. It enveloped that flying arrow with crackling sounds, quickly destroying that flying arrow completely.

To not reciprocate is against etiquette!

Qiao Mu suddenly turned around and shot ten crow-gold arrows at Passionless Palace’s palace master.

Madam née Feng probably didn’t expect this little lady to act so swiftly. In the blink of an eye, ten crow-gold arrows were flying toward her at once.

She dodged seven of them but could not avoid the remaining three.

Of the three crow-gold arrows, the first sliced off a lock of her long hair, the second pierced her shoulder, and the third shot her arm. However, the force within expanded outwards, penetrating bone. They then exited her body with a swish.

That agonizing pain made Madam née Feng screech uncontrollably.

“Master!” Fairy Lingfei came by following the sound of her master’s voice. She hastily rushed up to support the tottering Madam née Feng.

Fairy Huanghe also ran up hastily, but Fairy Lingfei forcefully smacked away her hand just as she was about to help support Madam née Feng.

“You scram aside! Don’t touch Master.” Fairy Lingfei chastised, “Isn’t that woman your savior? Your friend? You see that? She attacked Master so ruthlessly! If you are still Master’s disciple, pick up the sword on the floor and fight her with your life on the line!”

Fairy Huanghe quivered her lips, and she looked at Qiao Mu in confusion. “L-Little Savior!”

“You’re still calling her savior!!” Fairy Lingfei reprimanded and kicked her in the back. “Are you an idiot? She’s already attacked Master!”

“Senior Sister, th-there must be some misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding my *ss! You and I both saw with our own eyes that that woman caused Master these injuries!”

Qiao Mu swept Fairy Lingfei a cold gaze. When she saw Xiao Huanghe look at her, she gave a rare explanation. “Your master shot an arrow at us behind our backs.”

“That arrow was imbued with divine energy.” Mo Lian added coldly.

If he wasn’t with his wifey just now, his wifey would have suffered greatly from injuries wreaked by the divine energy imbued into the arrow.