Chapter 2082: Qiao Mu’s Secret

“This matter will come to an end here.” After a moment of contemplation, Geng Pengcheng declared this with a wave of his hand.

Madam née Feng coughed lightly. She shut her mouth and did not say anything.

Qiao Mu sized her up, but did not say anything either, merely tugging at the crown prince’s sleeve.

Mo Lian bent down to look at her with a smile. “Okay.”

Qiao Mu nodded in satisfaction.

Mo Lian looked up at Geng Pengcheng and said with a spurious smile, “Prefecture Lord Geng, could I have a word with you?”

Geng Pengcheng was surprised. He originally wanted to refuse, but when he thought of the other party’s identity as the crown prince of the Divine Province…

He felt that if he refused, the other party would definitely not let it go easily.

Thereupon, he walked over in resignation and entered the inner room with the crown prince and Qiao Mu.

“What does Your Highness the Crown Prince want to ask…” Before Geng Pengcheng could even finish speaking, he discovered in horror that a cluster of black fire had floated up to him. It only took an instant to nearly set his eyebrows on fire.

Geng Pengcheng was enraged and about to flare up when he discovered in shock that the scenery before him had transformed.

He was in a completely different environment in the blink of an eye.

The crown prince of the Divine Province had disappeared from before him.

Qiao Mu stood in front of him with a transparent bulb-headed doll standing on her shoulder.

A small cubic clod of earth was at her feet. It also looked extremely peculiar, with its pair of black beady eyes blinking while looking at him.

Geng Pengcheng was a bit shocked. He glanced around and was practically dumbstruck by the rows of peach trees before him.

“This is, is?”

“Roar!” A huge snow leopard lunged out from behind and nearly toppled him to the ground.

“You?! This!” An extremely bad premonition was going through Geng Pengcheng’s mind at this moment.

Could it be this d*mn lass carried an immortal abode or secret inheritance realm with her?

That’s why she could suddenly break free of their control and gallop far away like a horse without reins?

To the point that he was also apprehensive of her unforeseen growth.

Was, was it like that?

“Qiao Mu! If other people discover your secret, that you are harboring a grotto-heaven…!”

Qiao Mu suddenly smiled at him.

Her normally clear and chilly eyes looked even more detached now.

“You think that you can still leave this place alive?”

“Don’t be too arrogant… Ah!” Before Geng Pengcheng could even finish his sentence, he felt someone smack his back hard.

He flew outwards uncontrollably and crashed to the ground with a bam.

He opened his mouth, intending to spew out blood. However, Qiao Mu pulled him into the air with a thought and shrouded his entire body in water mist.

Subsequently, his blood only dyed the water mist barrier in front of him red.

Qiao Mu said in distaste, “Almost dirtied my paradise.”

“Masta, Masta, don’t worry. Dottie won’t let his stinky blood dirty our space.”

Only now did Geng Pengcheng feel that his existence was so insignificant. It was as if all his movements were restricted, and even his spiritual energy was getting restricted by a terrifying dominance.

He was not aware that this dominance came from the sapling, and that the entire star domain was formed by a dependence on the sapling.

Inside the star domain, no one could do anything to Qiao Mu.

In this star domain, Qiao Mu’s existence was like a god.

Geng Pengcheng only thought that this was all a result of Qiao Mu’s underhanded moves. He felt an inexplicable sense of approaching danger and couldn’t help but shudder.

“Prefecture Lord Geng, you should feel honored. After all, you are the first enemy to enter my star domain.”