Chapter 2086: Full Investigation

“I-If I finish resolving this matter, c-can I switch to a body that’s like a jade tree in the wind?”

“Fine!” Mo Lian nodded amiably, and then he sized up Dunzhu. “As long as you take care of this matter, you can switch to whatever body you want. Male, female, old, young. Tiger, leopard, wolf, snake. Whatever you want!”

“You, don’t you trick me!” Dunzhu clamored while pointing at Mo Lian. “I know it! If my soul fuses completely with this body, it, it’ll be very hard to se-separate from it!”

“Then do you want to come out right now? I can separate you from it! Do you want me to do it?”

After the pair started dissing Dunzhu again, Dunzhu ran off while sobbing pitifully with his hand covering his face. He cried, “You both are bad people.”

Qiao Mu was speechless. She tugged Mo Lian’s sleeve, “Is that not too good?”

“He’s so weak. Will he get exposed in front of Palace Master Feng after speaking with her!”

“Don’t worry.” Feng Chen said with a chortle, “Dunzhu is someone with a quick wit. He only looks like a clown, but he will basically take care of what you ask him to do.”

“Masta, i-if I have to sacrifice my charms and lose my virginity, y-you must treat me well in the future!!” Dunzhu ran back over but then bolted off like a hare after saying this sentence.

Qiao Mu was baffled plus completely confused.

“What did he say he was sacrificing?”

Feng Chen couldn’t resist wanting to laugh, but he then coughed lightly and shook his head. “Nothing.”

Qiao Mu was befuddled as she looked at Mo Lian. “I’m only having him act as a prefecture lord of the Shuntian Prefecture. How is it to that extent?”

Feng Chen twitched his mouth. He was wondering if Dunzhu actually wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to do something with that middle-aged but attractive Madam née Feng…

The three of them walked out side by side.

Qiao Mu said while walking, “Lian, I want 10 thousand jade tablets, about the size of the ebony tablets.”

“Okay.” Mo Lian nodded, and then he looked at her with a smile, “Qiaoqiao can draw jade talismans now?”

Qiao Mu nodded. “I don’t know if I can succeed on the first try, but I believe that practice makes perfect.”

Mo Lian patted her head. “You will naturally succeed.”

He recalled how back then Qiaoqiao was still a little girl who got excited at the sight of several blank talisman papers in a ghost town.

In the blink of an eye, she had grown to become a black-level grand talisman practitioner who could carve jade talismans.

Mo Lian thought back fondly as he walked forward with Qiao Mu’s hand in his.

When the three of them walked out, they just so happened to hear Dunzhu reprimand several subordinates, “What are you people so surprised for? Go, go tidy the rear courtyard and arrange for the honored guests’ stay.”

Third Young Lady Mu, who had been waiting outside the room for them, heaved a long sigh of relief when she heard this. She nodded at Dunzhu in approval.

It looked like this prefecture lord of the Shuntian Prefecture was a clever person.

Madam née Feng walked up with Fairy Lingfei’s help and apologized to Qiao Mu and them. “This humble one was too anxious and so did not exercise restraint earlier. Fortunately, our honored guests did not get injured, otherwise this humble one would truly be ill at ease.”

Qiao Mu nodded, but the others did not say much else to Madam née Feng. They followed a boy servant who guided them to their courtyard to rest.

Before they left, they stole a glance at Madam née Feng again.

They felt that this woman was not that simple.

Qiao Mu averted her gaze instantly after looking at Madam née Feng’s back.