Chapter 2088: A Palpitating Heart

The woman was in a trance as she looked in Crown Prince Mo’s direction. She was out of it for a while until she heard Madam née Feng’s chiding.

“Sheila Min, what did you come here for?” Madam née Feng did not look too good, and her tone of voice was also harsh.

The woman looked up coldly at Madam née Feng and stood aloof. “Sheila Min has come to perform a dance by the prefecture lord’s order.”

Madam née Feng gave Prefecture Lord Geng a glower.

Dunzhu immediately gave an awkward laugh. He guessed that this was probably the arrangement the prefecture lord of the Shuntian Prefecture had with this woman called Sheila Min.

He really knew nothing at all!

To interrupt the undercurrent surging between the wife and the concubine, Dunzhu hastily said with a dry laugh, “Since you have come, begin.”

This woman called Sheila Min did have a great figure. What did she look like beneath her veil??Dunzhu subconsciously rubbed his chin and smacked his lips as he checked her out.

Madam née Feng couldn’t help but fume when she saw this, and she resentfully moved her gaze away from the young girl.

This d*mn sultry fox!

How dare a b*tch of unknown origins compete with her?

“Please wait for a moment.”

After Sheila Min left, everybody praised Prefecture Lord Geng for his success in managing his household, with his wife and concubines happy and in harmony. They effusively praised Dunzhu to the high heavens, to the point that he was floating on clouds.

Seeing this, Qiao Mu turned to glance at Crown Prince Mo. “Unreliable.”

Mo Lian couldn’t resist wanting to chuckle, and he squeezed her petite hand. “Just have Feng Chen teach him a good lesson later.”

Soon, Sheila Min appeared in front of everybody once again.

This time, she had changed into a colorful pastel skirt and had brought over two rows of seductive and resplendently-dressed dancers.

When the music started, Sheila Min began her dance.

She was extremely slim and graceful. She leaped up and spun a circle in mid-air.

The dancers started dancing with green silk ribbons fluttering from their sleeves, complementing that young woman who was glistening like the moon in mid-air.

Sheila Min’s colorful pastel skirt fluttered open into a blossom in the air. It was layered beautifully, like white clouds piled on snow.

Her blossoming skirt slid down to the floor from mid-air. The sheer ends of the skirt were like the wings of a soaring multicolored divine bird. It truly shook one to the core at a glance.

Qiao Mu quickly turned to glance at Crown Prince Mo beside her.

When she saw him smiling at her, she pretended not to have seen his teasing expression. She frowned and deadpanned, “So many people are watching that Sheila Min. Why are you staring at me?”

Crown Prince Mo was holding a white jade cup, and the crystal-clear wine rippled within.

His handsome face was filled with mirth.

He tilted his head while staring at her, and said with a smile, “No one is as good-looking at my wife.”

She could not deny her cheerful mood at this moment.

Even though Qiao Mu was quite delighted, she still harrumphed expressionlessly, “Such a glib tongue.”

“It’s completely straight from my heart.” He caressed her glossy face. “Beauty is but skin-deep, and all will fade away like smoke and dust. In this crown prince’s eyes, there is only my wife, Qiaoqiao.”

Qiao Mu abruptly turned the back of her petite head to him.

She couldn’t help but cup her face with her petite paws.

She was done for!

This heart was beating irregularly again!

*Badump, badump.*?It was as if it was struggling to jump out of her chest.