Chapter 2091: Handling Matters Fully

Dunzhu reacted quick-wittedly in this predicament. He quickly pressed his palms together forcefully, stopping the veiled woman’s forbidding sword between his palms. He then skillfully snatched it away and tossed it to the ground with a thud.

At the same time, he very shamelessly pulled that veiled woman into his arms!

*Slap!* That woman immediately swung her hand and slapped him hard in the face.

This truly happened so quickly that by the time everybody reacted, they saw a red handprint swelling up on Dunzhu’s left cheek.

An extremely distinct handprint with five fingers.

The scene was such a sight for sore eyes that they couldn’t bear looking at it any longer.

Dunzhu really wanted to wail, but he recollected himself when he met Qiao Mu’s cool-headed and warning gaze.

He turned to say to everyone, “Everybody, my deepest apologies that such a thing actually occurred during our banquet. Today’s banquet will end here. When this prefecture lord has finished dealing with these people, I will invite everybody to another banquet as an apology.”

Everybody held in their laughter as they looked at the strange red handprint on his cheek. They nodded to excuse themselves.

After everybody left the main hall, Dunzhu finally couldn’t hold it anymore, and he yelled at that veiled woman who had fallen to the floor, seized by several guards at swordpoint. “Don’t you know not to hit a person in the face? That’s too much! Sheila Min.”

“Prefecture Lord, the fact that Sheila Min dared to gather so many people to assassinate you clearly means she holds our Shuntian Prefecture in contempt!” Madam née Feng spoke with conviction and justice, “You must immediately sentence this woman to death! If Prefecture Lord cannot bear to do it, this wife can do it in your stead.”

“No need!” Dunzhu waved his hand to stop Madam née Feng from talking. “You return to your courtyard first. You do not need to interfere with Sheila Min’s interrogation. I will handle it fully.”

Madam née Feng gritted her teeth and uttered word for word, “Prefecture Lord, Sheila Min not only carried out an assassination, she also disrupted the banquet, additionally startling His Highness the Crown Prince and Her Highness the Crown Prince Consort. If you do not mete out harsh punishment, will there still be discipline in the entire official mansion?”

Dunzhu waved her off in irritation. “I know what to do!”

When Dunzhu saw that Madam née Feng was going to say more, he chastised, “Alright, you return to your courtyard first. I will tell you the outcome afterwards!”

Madam née Feng departed in a fit of pique. When she saw Fairy Huanghe standing several hundred feet away from her, she pressed her lips together and said, “Huanghe, come along with Master.”

Fairy Huanghe looked dazedly at Qiao Mu.

This child had just witnessed her own master push her senior sister out as a shield. It looked like she had yet to recover her wits.

Qiao Mu didn’t have the heart to turn her away, so she asked, “Do you want to stay?”

“Huanghe!” Madam née Feng raised her voice and stared fumingly at Fairy Huanghe, who was frozen in place.

As if receiving her order, Fairy Huanghe regained her senses and nodded quickly, after which she left with Madam née Feng.

‘Prefecture Lord Geng’ ordered the guards to bring Sheila Min and the dancers’ corpses to the rear courtyard.

Sheila Min was sitting there soundlessly. She suddenly looked up at Qiao Mu, who was not far away.

She was slim and graceful, reminiscent of the clear and bright moon. By just simply standing there, she seemed to be lighting up the entire world.

“Let me see who you are exactly!” Dunzhu reached out with his evil claws and pulled off Sheila Min’s veil without another word.