Chapter 2095: Live On in a Different Way

This passageway was not long, with only several dozen stairs. They soon reached the bottom.

Two nefarious-looking stone lions appeared before them, perched there on both sides like door gods.

Fairy Huanghe couldn’t help but wonder whether the prefecture lord was aware of this secret passageway in her master’s rear courtyard.

“My lady, listen.” Changfeng suddenly spoke.

Fairy Lingfei had naturally heard it too. Senior Sister Lingfei’s painful screams were coming from deep inside the dark tunnel.

“My lady.” Changfeng abruptly grabbed Fairy Huanghe’s hand. Her whole body was shaking, and she did not know why she had a bad premontion.

She felt that this place was extremely dangerous. It was best to leave as soon as possible!

“Stay here, Changfeng!” Fairy Huanghe decisively left her with this sentence and quickly walked inside.

There were several small rooms with iron doors at the end of the tunnel.

When Fairy Huanghe walked over, there was suddenly a bang on one of the iron doors. Afterwards, an emaciated hand appeared at the tiny window in the iron door.

Huanghe jumped in shock, and then she abruptly turned her head.

The first glance caused her to cower in fright.

“Senior Sister?” She walked up and plastered herself against the the tiny window in the iron door. She stared fixedly at the disheveled person inside whose features were nearly unrecognizable.

“Fairy Liren?” The maidservant who had followed along was also goggling in disbelief at the person behind the iron door.

Huanghe felt her heart pounding furiously.

Suddenly, the Fairy Liren behind the iron door darted forward. She opened her pitch-black lips to an unimaginable angle and revealed a mouth of forbidding fangs.

Huanghe pulled back her hand, making those fangs miss their target.

Changfeng hastily grabbed her ladyship and pulled her backwards.

“My, my lady. What, what is this place? Why is Fairy Liren here.”

Huanghe was also extremely confused.

Senior Sister’s teeth had been shattered, and her nose crooked, when she got transported back to Shuntian Prefecture’s official mansion after suffering heavy injuries at Julu City several months ago.

When Master saw Senior Sister Liren’s condition, she had told them that she had contacted a divine doctor, so Senior Sister Liren would be sent elsewhere for some time to get treatment.

This… was the so-called treatment?

“Master.” Huanghe clenched her fists and abruptly turned to run out. However, she suddenly halted.

She saw that Senior Sister Lingfei had been tied to two iron columns. Her face was long disfigured beyond recognition by this time. Her bulging eyes were bloodshot, and she was releasing howls that belonged to neither human nor beast.

Madam née Feng was standing by the side and staring coldly at her youngest disciple who had intruded into this space.

“Master.” Fairy Huanghe gazed dazedly at the woman in front of her.

Flowers may not differ from year to year, but people are no longer who they were before. Huanghe did not know from when her master had turned into someone she totally could not comprehend.

“Huanghe, since you are here, come over and watch.” Madam née Feng nodded at her faintly.

“Master, what exactly are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Master is saving your senior sister!”

“You say you are saving Senior Sister Lingfei by transforming her into neither human nor ghost?”

“What do you know! Your senior sister had gotten hit by a self-detonation, which is in itself difficult to survive. Right now, Master is merely remolding her slightly so that she can live on in a different way!”

“Did you ask senior sister before doing this?!” Fairy Huanghe shouted, her entire body shaking as she clenched her fists tightly.