Chapter 2096: Going Mad!

“You also turned Senior Sister Liren into that state! Master, what exactly do you want to do? Why are you turning them into neither human nor ghost!”

“Huanghe, do you know why Liren and Lingfei became like that?” Madam née Feng strode up to Fairy Liren and stared straight at her. She suddenly spoke sharply, “It’s because they aren’t strong enough! This is the way of the world! Weaklings do not have the right to demand justice!”

“Only by continuously climbing up to become one of the powerful with everyone else underfoot, standing at the top of the pyramid! Can you look down on everything like ants!” Madam née Feng stretched her hands above her head and fixed her stare on Fairy Huanghe.

“Huanghe, you are only in your twenties. Your life is only just getting started! Master does not blame you for not understanding this! But how much of the world’s darkness have you seen? Not even ten-thousandth of it!”

“Master hasn’t said anything about how you like fiddling with your useless herbs and studying medicine! But today, you must stand on Master’s side! And support everything that Master is doing!”

Madam née Feng’s expression contorted as she stepped closer and closer to Fairy Huanghe.

“Only if Master succeeds can you continue with your peaceful days! Continue fiddling with your herbs without needing to worry about what anybody else thinks! And be the Fairy Huanghe of the Shuntian Prefecture, isn’t that correct?”

Watching her master, who had practically gone mad, Fairy Huanghe trembled as she hung her head.

“Huanghe, did you know? Many years ago, Master was only a normal person. I had failed to trigger my mystic meridians and thought that my life would just be like that! But right now! Do you see? Master possesses such strength because of tireless persistence! Was Master wrong? Is there anything wrong with someone wanting to become powerful?”

Fairy Huanghe abruptly raised her head. “Master! You? Why have Senior Sister Liren and… Senior Sister Liren become zombies? They were clearly still living and didn’t get infected. It was you! You treated them like experimental subjects and turned them into zombies!”

“That is because of their stupidity!” Madam née Feng became agitated and pulled out a transparent medicinal bottle from her sleeve. “Do you see? This medicinal solution can make a normal person become powerful! Huanghe. Do you want your cultivation to advance even further?”

“Believe in Master. Master will not harm you! Your two senior sisters have obtuse potentials and cannot be counted on! Otherwise, why would they evolve into zombies? And not become superhumans?”

“Huanghe, Master believes that you will not become like Lingfei and Liren.”

“Don’t come over!” Fairy Huanghe trembled as she backed away.

Changfeng was cowering as she gripped her ladyship’s hand, supporting her as they backed away.

Had the prefecture lord madam gone insane? Why did she become so terrifying!?

Changfeng’s eyelashes kept fluttering as she dragged her ladyship back with her.

“Huanghe! This bottle of medicinal solution that can defy the natural order is something countless people would die to lay their hands on! Why are you looking at Master with such terror!”

“Believe Master. As long as you swallow this medicinal solution, you will immediately obtain an extraordinary superpower! Even if your cultivation is lacking, you can at least have a superpower for protection!”

“My lady, my lady!!” Changfeng pushed Fairy Huanghe back. “Run!!”