Chapter 2097: Perversely Insane

Madam née Feng did not look to be in the right mind right now. Nothing good would come out of it if her ladyship continued to stay here!

Changfeng was determined to not let her ladyship die here even if she had to forfeit her own life.

As a famed pill alchemist in the Shuntian Prefecture, Fairy Huanghe’s cultivation naturally wasn’t as outstanding as Fairy Lingfei and Fairy Liren’s.

After getting pushed hard by Changfeng, she stumbled several steps forward.

When she turned back to look, she saw Changfeng pounce over and latch on to Madam née Feng. At the same time, she hollered when she saw Fairy Huanghe standing there in tears without moving. “My lady, run! Quickly!”

“Let go!!” Madam née Feng had descended into madness right now. She formed a fist and mercilessly bashed Changfeng’s back.

The first punch, Changfeng coughed up blood. Yet she still continued screaming at Huanghe with blood trickling from her mouth.

The second punch, fragments of inner organs spurted out from her mouth. Black blood spilled from her mouth, and her voice also waned.

Huanghe dared not stay any longer. She turned around in tears and dashed toward the entrance of the secret passageway.

She could hear Madam née Feng’s heartless and barbaric third punch, accompanied by the sound of Changfeng vomiting blood.

Fairy Huanghe’s heart was in agony. She clenched her fists as she rushed out the entrance to the secret passageway.

“Get out of the way!!” When Madam née Feng saw that Fairy Huanghe had actually escaped, a viciousness flitted across her eyes, and she gave Changfeng’s body a ruthless kick.

She had thought that Changfeng would definitely be sent flying with this kick, yet Changfeng was still firmly latching onto her leg without letting go.

In her chagrin, Madam née Feng could only take out a sword and chop off Changfeng’s arms before quickly chasing after Fairy Huanghe.

The pouring rain outside had not subsided.

Huanghe grabbed Yunxue, who had stayed outside in the courtyard, and dragged the latter along in a mad dash.

“What happened, my lady? Where is Changfeng? Where did Changfeng go?”

“Run!!” Huanghe had no time to explain as she dashed toward the official mansion’s exit while dragging Yunxue along.

The rain splattered on the path as the two of them fled in the rain.

“Huanghe! Master has not mistreated you all these years! You’re actually betraying Master!” Madam née Feng’s sinister voice came from behind them.

She suddenly charged her palm with a fierce force and attacked Huanghe with a horrifying spiritual energy pressure.

“My lady!” Yunxue screamed and lunged in front of Fairy Huanghe.


She watched her master sweep away Yunxue’s tattered body. Yunxue crashed to the ground like a dying quail.

Fairy Huanghe quickly scrambled over and pulled Yunxue away with trembling hands. Yunxue was trickling blood from her mouth, at her last gasp.

“Yunxue, Yunxue!”

“This is all your own doing!” Madam née Feng’s eyes glinted sharply.

“Run, my lady. Run, my lady!” Yunxue clutched Fairy Huanghe’s sleeve with all her might!

Huanghe nodded repeatedly and held Yunxue’s head, choking with sobs.

“My lady, run. Run. Thank you for not turning Yunxue away and treating me like a sister. I-If there is a next lifetime… Yunxue will def-definitely… still fo-follow my lady…”


Fairy Huanghe got up from the mud and leaped up onto the rooftop while holding Yunxue. She fled forward frantically.

“You foolhardy thing.” Madam née Feng’s gaze turned cold, and she waved her hand. Just as she intended to chase after them with a large number of Passionless Palace disciples, she suddenly heard an urgent whistle.

Madam née Feng furrowed her brows as she halted and looked up at the pitch-black sky.