Chapter 2101: I Have Lost Everything


“Little Savior!” Fairy Huanghe stumbled over while holding Yunxue. She knelt down at once in front of Qiao Mu and stammered with quavering lips, “Little Savior, save Yunxue. Please save Yunxue.”

“I heard Starlight Academy’s Great Master Zhou say before that you have superb medical skills. You will definitely be able to save her, Little Savior. Little Savior, save her. Please save Yunxue.”

“Huanghe, calm down. Let me examine her first.” Qiao Mu quickly placated her with her hands when she saw the latter’s nervous breakdown.

Fairy Huanghe clenched her fists tightly as she sat on her heels beside Qiao Mu.

Her soaked hair and her muddied clothes put her in a sorry state.

Qiao Mu did not know what had happened to Fairy Huanghe, but she gestured for the latter to lay Yunxue down on the floor.

She set her fingers on Yunxue’s wrist. Afterwards, she slowly turned to Fairy Huanghe, who had a dazed expression.

“Apologies, but she is already dead.”

Fairy Huanghe’s tears dribbled down, her entire mind gone blank.

“Huanghe, Huanghe.” Qiao Mu called her softly.

Fairy Huanghe suddenly hugged Yunxue’s body that was slowing losing its warmth. She sobbed, “I’m so useless. So what if I’m a black-level pill alchemist! I fed her so many pills, but none of them worked! I can’t even save Yunxue. I let Changfeng and Yunxue die for nothing!”

“I let them down, I let both of them down!”


“Little Savior. Do you know how it feels to have lost everything?” Huanghe murmured raspily, “I have lost everything right now.”

Her sect? The sect would no longer tolerate her.

Her master was actually so heartless and barbaric to want to remold her into a monster!

She had escaped, but she had implicated her two most intimate maidservants.

She had truly lost everything!

Qiao Mu felt her heart squeeze, and she wrapped her arms around Fairy Huanghe’s dirty shoulders. “I can tell you without a doubt that I have! Three years ago, I was once like you, feeling like I had lost everything, but in reality, no matter how difficult or winding the journey may be, we can start over again as long as we don’t give up on ourselves.”

Fairy Huanghe lay on her shoulder and bawled like a lost child. Her tears and snot streamed down her face, and she cried her eyes out.

“I really can start over again?”

“You can.”

“I really can?”

“You can!” Qiao Mu kept repeating these words with an affirmative yet gentle voice in Fairy Huanghe’s ears.

“Little Savior, did you know? Master wasn’t like that in the past! She really was very good!” Fairy Huanghe murmured, “Very, very, good. I don’t know when she turned to become so scary, and so cold-blooded!”

“Could this still be my master?”

“I’m so tired, really so tired!”

“Little Savior, I feel like there is a fog blocking me from going forward.”

Qiao Mu clutched Fairy Huanghe’s chilly left wrist. “Huanghe, Huanghe.”

After watching Huanghe slowly faint on her shoulder, Qiao Mu supported her and beckoned to the Peony Immortal and the Gingko Immortal. “Come help.”

“What happened to this clown.” The Peony Immortal and the Gingko Immortal flashed to her side and supported Fairy Huanghe.

“We don’t know at the moment.” Qiao Mu looked up at Mo Lian.

The latter nodded towards her. “I’ll have Tung investigate.”