Chapter 2105: I Won’t Double-Cross You in the Future

Everybody couldn’t help but look at her in both amusement and exasperation.

Dear, did your conscience not hurt saying this?

Qiao Mu deadpanned, “My Ao’ye and Shaoyao also paid their fees when they first followed me.”

In other words, what cheek did you people have not to pay a fee?

Everyone: …

Feng Chen chuckled and bobbed his head while suggesting wickedly, “Right, right. They should pay up! Look at you lot, you’re so much older than Qiaoqiao, yet you’re still mooching off her every day! They should pay you! Let’s say they should pay eight to ten years’ worth at once!”

“Aiyah, Little Sis Xiao Qiao, you gave me such effective beautifying cream. It is most natural to be paying you!”

The Gingko Immortal smiled while covering her mouth. With a flick of her sleeve, a small pile of peculiar treasures appeared on the table. “Little Sis Xiao Qiao, please accept this kindly.”

Qiao Mu expressionlessly collected that pile of items into her own inner world and then looked at Dao Wuji, the Little Despot, and the others.

After everybody silently made their payments, they glanced at Feng Chen, who was sitting on the side and watching the show.

“How come he doesn’t need to pay??” Dao Wuji couldn’t help but ask indignantly.

“Isn’t that obvious? Am I the same as you guys? Qiaoqiao had personally summoned me over! I am hers, and she is mine. With our relationship, do I still need to pay?”?Don’t be kidding him! There was a difference between close and distant relations, understand?

Mo Lian cast him a sidelong look and then harrumphed noncommittally.

“Besides, I don’t eat much,” Feng Chen asserted.

Ha ha!?Everybody sent him a sharp look.

So who was it that needed to be fed well three meals every day! Yet he still said that he didn’t eat much? Simply shameless!

Fairy Huanghe took out a sack of spirit currency from her pocket. “Here, two, two years of boarding fees.”

Everyone: …

Meanwhile, Qiao Mu nodded and accepted everything that they gave her. She then patted Huanghe’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, you definitely won’t lose out following me.” She paused, seemingly recalling something. She turned to say to Fairy Huanghe, “You are one of us now. There’s something that I won’t hide from you anymore.”

Even though everybody didn’t comprehend the situation, they still twitched their mouths. They felt that Miss Qiao’s following words were definitely going to be rather zany…

Sure enough, Qiao Mu glanced at Xiao Huanghe and said, “Actually, last time in the Lava Mountain Range.”

“The reason you guys got besieged by several thousand mystic beasts.”

“Is because I scattered some medicinal powder that attracts mystic beasts to lure them over.”

“You guys got unlucky and just so happened to be walking over. That’s why you guys got implicated.”

“That time, the entrance exam for our Apex Academy was to hunt a batch of beasts, but it was rather troublesome to track them down.”

“So I thought of this method.”

Everyone: …

Mo Lian silently twitched his mouth and couldn’t resist facepalming.

The little fellow continued deadpanning, “Rescuing you later was also unintentional. I am not as selfless as you have you been imagining.”

“As teammates, you are now one of us. That’s why I must tell you this. Don’t worry, I won’t be double-crossing you in the future.”

Everyone: …

“Pfft!” The Gingko Immortal cracked up in laughter. “I-I can’t anymore, quickly help me up.”

Fairy Huanghe stared at her in stupefaction for a while before stammering in reply, “I-I got it.”

Afterwards, she exclaimed gratefully, “Little Savior, you really are a good person. You clearly didn’t have to tell me this, but you still did.”