Chapter 2106: Seizing People

“Don’t worry, we’ll let bygones be bygones and start with a clean slate. I, Huanghe, acknowledge you as a friend!”

Qiao Mu: …

She got labeled “a good person” out of the blue!?Qiao Mu felt unworthy of this praise. She patted Huanghe’s shoulder and said, “Mhm. Call me by my name in the future.”

Don’t keep calling her “Savior.” It made her teeth ache hearing it!

“Okay.” Huanghe nodded.

“I have already dispatched someone to tidy up that girl’s remains. Find a time to cremate her.”

Huanghe nodded, subconsciously clenching her fist. “Okay.”

“Come with me after we finish eating.”

“Make way. Make way, make way, make way!” A ruckus suddenly came from outside the inn’s entrance.

Qiao Mu and company turned towards the source of the voice.

They saw the people at the door part to the side to make way for a spacious path.

A pair of black boots embroidered with gold thread appeared in everyone’s sight.

A tall and handsome man with flowing hair who was wearing deep purple robes was walking over. He had upturned eyes that were bewitching and seductive.

Uh, it was truly difficult to explain why a man would give off the feeling of being seductive.

“Ah! Qiaoqiao.” When that person walked in, his eyes shone as if he had discovered outer space. He instantly zeroed in on Qiao Mu.

Mo Lian set down his chopsticks and looked at that person with nonchalance. He scoffed, “So it is Young Sir Ding.”

Ding Yun pointed at him. “You? You! How come you are also here?”

Mo Lian held Qiaoqiao’s petite hand and cast him a cold look. “Naturally to eat with my wife.”

Dao Wuji felt for some reason that this bewitching young sir was probably feeling crushed…

Because the other party’s expression instantly became unsightly.

“Make way, make way. Everyone make way. Scram! Don’t block the door!”

“What are you shouting for!” Young Sir Ding turned around and flicked his sleeve in chagrin. Several burly men who were charging in nefariously instantly got swept out by a powerful force.

*Crash, crash, crash.* They all yowled miserably from their injuries.

“Surround them!” A large group of guards rushed inside at their leader’s order, forming a tight encirclement in the inn’s lobby.

“One can’t even eat in peace.” Feng Chen looked at the intruders in exasperation.

“We are carrying out the prefecture lord madam’s orders to bring Fairy Huanghe back to the official mansion!” The head of the guards announced and shouted, “Seize her!”

Young Sir Ding had sauntered over to Qiao Mu’s group by this time. He asked with a giggle, “Qiaoqiao, do you need help.”

“Why are you here?” This was what Qiao Mu had wanted to ask. She had nearly forgotten after getting interrupted by that group of guards.

“Me? Ah! I have come to settle accounts.” Young Sir Ding said with a smile, “It’s hard to do business these days, so slackening supervision is a no-no.”

“Oh.” The little stoic replied and then got up to tell everyone, “Let’s go if you’ve finished eating.”

The common people, who got spooked into being as silent as cicadas in winter, as well as the innkeeper who was hiding beneath the counter and only poking out his head, all looked in stupefaction at this young lady who suddenly stood up.

Did this young lady not see the people who barged in?

Yet she was just so lightly telling her companions to leave? How oblivious must she be!?

The head of the guards had also turned green in the face. He looked at Huanghe, who was seated at the table.