Chapter 2109: The Soul Search Failed?

Prefecture Lord Geng screamed from being enveloped in purple flames. He rolled back and forth inside the small dirt prison.

Qiao Mu watched him apathetically while contemplating:?Who exactly would Geng Pengcheng continue covering up after being subject to such pain?

She simply did not believe that Geng Pengcheng had targeted her in both lifetimes for his own reasons.

How could there be love and hate without cause or reason in this world?

The person concealed behind him was too mysterious.


“How about searching his soul?” Qiao Mu turned to look at Mo Lian and Feng Chen. “Can you still perform a soul search with his spiritual conscious apparition in this state?”

Feng Chen nodded. “It is possible, but he won’t survive long after this soul search.”

Before Qiao Mu could respond, the small figure cowering in a corner of the dirt prison quickly scrambled up and shouted, “Don-Don’t search my soul! Y-You won’t be able to search anything from it!”

“Do you want to search?” No one listened to Geng Pengcheng’s wishes. Feng Chen turned back to look at Qiao Mu, indicating for her to make the decision.

Qiao Mu nodded decisively. “Do it!”

She wanted to see who exactly it was that insisted on becoming her enemy in both her lifetimes.

Feng Chen stretched out his hand, and that dirt prison got sucked into his palm.

Geng Pengcheng’s spiritual conscious apparition shook from fear. He rushed to kowtow to Feng Chen, “Don’t kill me, really, don’t kill me! I’ve already confessed everything, so let me off!”

As a horrifying force cut straight for the depths of his soul, Geng Pengcheng’s spiritual conscious apparition gradually turned transparent. He also tottered like a flower swaying in a rainstorm, looking rather pitiful.

Suddenly, Geng Pengcheng’s spiritual conscious apparition let out a deafening scream. Feng Chen shook, even taking several steps back.

Mo Lian reached out to support him. He also swung his sleeve, and several purple flames sprung out to surround the fleeing Geng Pengcheng.

Just earlier, the collision of opposing forces caused the bars on the dirt prison to disappear.

This crafty fellow nearly escaped.

Feng Chen shook his head and glared at Geng Pengcheng. “There are at least nine restrictions inside this person’s conscious pool. We can’t search his soul at the moment.”

Nine restrictions? Guarding against what?

Qiao Mu squinted her eyes.

The more it was like this, the more interested she was in the things this person’s mind was hiding.

This prefecture lord of the Shuntian Prefecture really had gone to great lengths.

Since this was the case, Qiao Mu was unwilling to say anything to him anymore. She directly grabbed the person that was burning in the purple flames.

“Since you are so unafraid of dying, then suffer the punishment of getting burned alive for 49 days.” After declaring this, she refused to look at Geng Pengcheng any longer and stuffed him back into the storage talisman.

Feng Chen chuckled. “I’m guessing that he won’t make it past tonight.”

At the same time.

High up on the platform where the imperial throne was located, the Ultramarine Province Emperor was staring gloomily at the painting the third prince had presented.

“You’ve investigated thoroughly?”

“This indeed is the case. This person Fourth Brother fancies should be the future wife of the Divine Province’s crown prince.”

The Ultramarine Province Emperor’s felt his temples throbbing.

It was fine that this fourth son of his had returned and wasn’t intimate with him, but exactly what disaster was this?